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A dogs day out

I was trying to think of a nice way to introduce this post but I’m just going to come out and say it… I GOT A GOPRO FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! *happy dance*

We’ve often said it would be nice to film hikes and bike rides and our recent trip to Canada made me consider this more seriously. We hiked through some incredible places but my photos just didn’t do it justice, so I made a few short clips and hashed them into a video when I got home. While they weren’t all that great but capturing the memory was more important than the quality of the video. But that got me thinking how great it could have been… [insert vision of polished 4K video here]

I spent most of Christmas day accidentally filming the underside of my nose but once I’d figured everything out, I was ready for the big wide world! Our first chance to get out and about between Christmas day and New Year also happened to be the same day we were dog sitting. So my first video stars Scott and Leila the scruff.

Looking back on this, I can already see things I’ll do differently next time but getting outside and experimenting for the sake of it was good fun.

Funnily enough, Scott and I bought each other complimentary presents. He bought me a GoPro and I bought him a gimbal — which can hold the GoPro. Expect more videos from both of us!

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4 comments on “A dogs day out

  1. Excellent 🐶🐾😍

  2. Beautiful! And now I want to go splash in puddles. 😀

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks Hannah! We tried to coax her into the puddle to wash some of the mud off her feet.

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