Eager beaver

I woke up a couple of Sundays ago not sure what to do with myself. I’d been waiting for a sunny day to head out with my camera so when I looked out the window and saw sunshine, I was eager to get going,

Sunny view out of window

I didn’t want the sun to go in before I’d had a chance to take some photos so I just focused on the essentials (camera and snacks). I wolfed down a slice of cake for breakfast, chucked on some clothes and headed out. My walk began at the top of this hill. This is my second favourite walk (the first being through the meadows) in the village because of the views over the fields to the hills in the distance.

Fields in the distance

This sheltered dirt track begins at the top of the hill and connects to wheat fields. No cars can get down here and you feel like you are miles away from civilisation. I’ve also ear marked this as a good route out of the village in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Path covered by trees

At the end of the path are these houses. I would love to live in one of them!

Cottages next to empty fields

There are free roaming chickens in one of the gardens and this one decided to follow me. A beaked animal with no concept of personal space is a bit disconcerting!

Brown chicken on grass

I had a bit of garden envy, look at these plants!

Tall pink Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone

Dark purple aster flowers

Purple Aster – loved by the bees

Cottage garden flowers

By this point I was getting pretty hungry and started to walk in a big loop back home.

Green fields

I didn’t take many more photos, although I couldn’t resist this fading hydrangea.

Browning hydrangeas

And even though most plants are starting to fade there are still wild flowers only just waking up.

Dark pink wild flower

It was a great walk and I was lucky the sun stayed out so long. For a couple of days afterwards I kept expecting to see the stalker chicken sitting on my doorstep in the morning – or worse, on my pillow looking at me when I woke up!


  1. Oh I love this walk Gemma – that whirly tunnel of trees and the colours of the fields – how I wish I was there. Chickens always freak me out – a sign of a boring youth watching Hitchcock films means I now fear practically any sort of bird!

    • It is – the gardens up there are lovely. I’m always on the look out for zombie apocalypse escape routes 😉

    • We haven’t had much sunshine since that day – it’s nice to look back on sunny photos. Hope you get your sunshine! 🙂

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