Blossom reflections in windows

Edinburgh in Spring

Edinburgh is beautiful place to be at this time of year. I’m visiting for work and our timing is perfect because the city centre is full of blossom. These photos were taken a stone’s throw from our hotel…

Sun shining through blossom trees

Blossom trees

Tree lined street

Lamp post in blossom

Me and a teammate spent a while photographing this old street. While we were doing so, a builder wandered over to ask if they were special trees because people keep stopping to photograph them. I’m glad I did though because the light was perfect at that particular moment and many of the petals were blown away a couple of days later.

Iron lamppost and blossom

Branch of blossom

Blossom flowers in the sun

Blossom reflections in windows

I’m really pleased with the photo above. We have walked past this building once or twice a day and each time, I check to see whether the window reflections look like what I had in mind for a photo. Then I finally got lucky; persistence paid off!

Closeup of pink blossom

Pink petals on the ground

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10 comments on “Edinburgh in Spring

  1. Beautiful trees and Gorgeous photos!

  2. Very pretty

  3. Ah so this is where you were! I was stalking your Instagram, admiring all the blossom!

    Somehow I totally managed to miss you were in Edinburgh. It’s a lovely place isn’t it? I haven’t been there for a long time, like 20 years or so. Blimey I feel old 😂

    That reflection shot is immense and I always love how the fallen petals look like a carpet. 💕

    Hope you are having a most lovely weekend young ‘un

    • Gemma Evans

      Young’un, hah! I mostly shared photos of blossom, so it probably wasn’t all that obvious where I was. But you’re right, it is a lovely place and all the more beautiful at this time of year thanks for Spring bulbs and blossom.

  4. So beautiful! Particularly love the reflection photo, I love Edinburgh but have never been in Spring!

    • Gemma Evans

      Thank you Ellie! The parks are very beautiful at this time of year — they are full of colour from Spring bulbs.

  5. So pretty! <3

  6. looks like a great work visit. i loved it when all the trees around us were all pink. it’s such a happy time. especially after the long winter we had

    • Gemma Evans

      Winter makes Spring all the more special when it finally arrives!

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