Trees around frozen lake

Exploring Østmarka

Sunday was a slow morning. We originally planned to spend the day walking but it took us a while to get up, organised and out of the door. After a quick look at the map, we decided to head to Østmarka, a forest located to the East of Oslo and only thirty minutes away from the centre by train so we headed there. I think this place may have nudged Nordmarka off the top spot (but only just).

Tree lined trail

Red wood houses in the snow
Can I live in one of these please!?

We stepped off the train at Bøler station and into the community park a stones throw away. The path lead us around a sports ground that became a tree lined forest trail. It didn’t take long to see our first lake. By this time, the snow was getting heavier and the sky was the same colour was the ground.

Trees around frozen lakeUlsrudvannet lake

Our plan was to walk around the lakes but we ended up walking over Nøklevannet Lake instead. It was frozen solid and the ice sheet felt more like concrete. People were skiing over the lake in the distance and seeing them float past reminded me of Winter scenes printed on old Scandinavian postcards.

Tiny figures on frozen lake
Nøklevannet Lake

Single pine tree in the snow

Reeds in the snow
Nøklevannet Lake
Trails in the snow
Nøklevannet Lake
Bench overlooking lake
View over Nøklevannet Lake

We lucked out with our lunch spot. Scott spotted a wooden bench perched on rocky bank overlooking the lake and used pine branches to brush off the snow. It was the perfect place to gobble up knekkebrød while watching the snow fall. Although we could see people skiing, the lake was completely silent. I could have sat here all day if we’d had a fire going — you can see a black mark in the snow where someone else has done just that.

Man eating Knekkebrød
Scott eating knekkebrød

Side note: knekkebrød are Norwegian crisp breads made from rye flour (my recipe). I’m totally addicted and make them at home most weeks. It seems fitting to eat lots of them here while I don’t have to make them 🙂

Pine branches around bench

Man looking over frozen lake

Me leaning against a tree

The snow doesn’t look very deep in these photos but Scott wandered too far off the trail and ended up knee deep. Watching him unexpectedly plunge into the snow was hilarious but it wasn’t long before karma dished up the same fate for me.

Tree lined snow trail

Great day! Definitely add Østmarka to your list if you are planning a trip to Oslo.

Transport notes

  • Trainline: T-Bane line 3 from Oslo Sentralstasjon (central station) to Bøler
  • Tickets: Ruter app, paper ticket or Oslo pass
  • We bought a 24 hour ticket (more info here)

7 comments on “Exploring Østmarka

  1. 😍❄️❄️😘xx

  2. Amazing! Loving following your adventures Bacon Face!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I can practically hear the quiet snowiness of the lake.

    • Gemma Evans

      The lake was so peaceful, I bet it’s a beautiful place to spend time in the Summer too.

  4. This looks absolutely beautiful 🙂 Norway looks so amazing, would love to go for a long walk in all that snow!

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