Lit moons

Life lately on film, February 2020

Box labelled 'crap'
Accidental box of crap

We accidentally trimmed a Who Gives a Crap? box down to an unfortunate size. Scott ended up carrying a box of crap down the street with an arrow shaped smile on his face. Priceless!

Trees in fog
Somewhere between Southwold and home

Photographing the fog helped pass the time in a traffic jam, on the way home from a trip to Southwold. I dangled my head out the window and waited for a gap in the hedgerows.

Old fashioned chip shop
Traditional chippie, Southwold
People walking on path
Southwold seafront
Semla buns on branches

What’s better than one Semla bun? A whole tree full, of course! Semla are cardamon flavoured buns filled with almond paste and whipped cream. I absolutely love them. In Sweden, they are suppose to be eaten on Fat Tuesday (the day before the start of Lent) but I don’t think I could be that restrained.

Bucket of tulips
Lit candles
Hiding from the rain in a neighbourhood cafe
Fridays for Future sign
Fridays for Future, Parliament House (Stockholm)
No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference
Parliament House (Stockholm)

I really want to buy a moon lamp after seeing these!

Lit moons
Ice skating rink
Ice skating, Stockholm

Not a single flake of snow fell during our time in Stockholm. The ice skating rink was a close as we got to a white Scandinavian Winter.

Yellow house
Houses in Bromma, Stockholm
Orange light on grasses
Lake in Öskeråker

Man on phone

Tall pink flowers
Toddler in bobble hat
Bobble and sausage dogs

I love this little street with its coloured doors and cobbled streets.

Houses lining cobbled street

And that’s a snippet of life over the last few weeks. I’ve been juggling quite a few plates lately so I haven’t taken as many photos as usual, or updated my blog as often as I would have liked. But it’s nice to have a record of some of it.

4 comments on “Life lately on film, February 2020

  1. These are so gorgeous. Love all the sweden ones especially

  2. These are all so lovely! Liking the Wisley colour in there too 💛

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