Green pond algae under microscope

First experiements with Foldscope

A microcope is one of the most treasured Christmas presents from my childhood. Red metal, glass slides and small accessories packed into a polystrene box. Fast forward a few years and I’m hooked on microscopy all over again. This time with a Foldscope — a foldable microscope with a detachable lens.

I’m still getting the hang of panning, focusing and making slides but I’ve captured some amazing images so far. These photos were all taken on my phone and haven’t been edited in any way.

Dandelion seed under microscope
Dandelion seed
Saffron strand under microscope
Saffron strand
Feather fibres under microscope
Bird feather (magpie)
Hair folicle under microscope
Hair folicle

The hair folicle photo blew my mind, it’s so clear!

Pinecone seed fibres under microscope
Pinecone seed
Pollen particles under micropscope
Japanese anemone pollen

I’m not sure what causes ring marks around the lens edge. If anyone reading has a Foldscope and knows what is causing it, I’d love to get your thoughts in the comments below.

Green pond algae under microscope
Pond algae
Seed fibres under microscope
Silk floss cotton tree seed fibres
Turmeric powder under microscope
Turmeric powder

Hopefully I’ll have more images to share before too long 🙂

Useful Foldscope resources

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2 comments on “First experiements with Foldscope

  1. Beautiful. There is definitely something special about images taken by a microscope, like a little peek into another world.

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