Boats tied up on the shore

Fjäderholmarna i Vår

Spring was very mild when it finally arrived, so we headed to Fjäderholmarna a little earlier in the year than usual. We also had two sets of visitors and took them both there because this place is the perfect island hop experience. Although the boat journey from Stockholm is only 30 minutes, you feel like you’re much further away.

Old boat at jetty
Stockholms Ström 2
Wooden benches in boat
Stockholms Ström 2

A few boat companies travel from Stockholm to Fjäderholmarna. Stromma is usually very busy with long queues and the boat itself is average. We prefer to travel with Fjäderholmslinjen on Stockholms Ström 2 — a beautiful boat built in 1894. It’s generally quieter because it jetties in Slussen, away from the hustle and bustle of Nybroviken (a base for many tours).

Trees on an island
Stora Fjäderholmen

Boats tied up on the shore

Catfish heads nailed to wooden wall

These are gädda (pronounced “yedda”) heads. They’re creepy but I’m also quite fascinated by them — I won’t get many chances to come face to face with a pike.

Closeup of teeth in dried fish jaw
Daffodils against wooden wall

Coastal view through window

Small boxes of tar soap

Tjärtvål means tar soap. Not surprisingly, it smells like tar; I quite like the smell but Scott and our friends were less keen. If you’re not familiar, tar soap has antiseptic properties and can be used to relieve itching, sores and rashes on sensitive skin.

Cluster of small flowers
Seagull nesting on the rocks

Gulls and geese make nests on rocks overlooking the archipelago, and next to paths. It’s impossible to avoid them so you just have to keep your eyes peeled to avoid accidentally startling them.

Seagull standing on a rock
Orchids growing by the sea

It was our first time seeing these amazing orchids!

Closeup of small flowers
Closeup on lilac flowers

Dog sleeping on a blanket

Shop doors
Fjäderholmarna butiker
Row of small shops
Fjäderholmarna butiker

Stora Fjäderholmarna has a few nice handicraft shops selling art, ceramics, clothing and jewellery etc. We ended up buying a grey dimpled mug from Fjäderholmarnas Krukmakeri, made by the lady below.

Lady spinning a clay cup
Fjäderholmarnas Krukmakeri
Big flowers against wooden building
Row of plant pots on a bench
Fabric hammock with pillows
Röda Villan

Röda Villan is our favourite place for lunch. It’s a small restaurant tucked further into the island, away from the busier waterfront area. They have some great seating spots peppered around the rocks leading down to the water.

Row of cushions on a seat
Röda Villan
Pie and salad
Spenat och fetaost paj

People stood on jetty

Small sail boat on the water

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