Enamel cup on table

Forest feast

Sunday was adventure day. We packed the BioLite stove, tins of beans, bread, butter, a flask of hot chocolate and some inedible essentials, and walked up to the forest to meet friends. The weather couldn’t have been better sunshine; blue skies and frost on the ground.

Dark forest trail

Orange ferns in the sun

Light shining on orange fern

Picnic bench in the sun

This is one of the best spots in the whole forest. It’s also where we cooked up my birthday breakfast at the beginning of the year. Pouring a cup of hot chocolate was first on the list.

Enamel cup on table
Hot chocolate and twigs for the stove

Smoke in the air

Then getting a fire going with help from the little people…

Stove on table
BioLite stove
Steam rising from stove
Beans on the stove
Steaming beans on a plate
Hot beans and bread

Beans and buttered bread with a sprinkling of pine needles. Toasted marshmallows for pudding!

Toasting marshmallows
Toasting marshmallows

Orange and yellow ferns

Light on yellow fern

Some wild time was just what I needed! Not just a park but dirt, quiet and a lack of orderliness.

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