Green spruce

Forest Day

An abundance of accessible wild spaces is one of the things I love most about Sweden — the country has a principle called Allemansrätt which gives every person the right to roam free in nature.

You may think we travelled some distance out of Stockholm to find a lake surrounded by forest but this is in the city! Quiet, litter free and wild enough to feel like adventure; our first little big adventure since arriving. These photos were taken the weekend before last, but I’ve been a bit slow to sort through them.

Man in tall trees
Forest entrance

Single flower on branch

We’ve only ever visited Sweden once in warm weather. And we’ve never experienced the transition from Sweden’s famously long, dark Winter through to Spring, until now.

Green spruce

Me sitting on step
All the blues
Man in forest
Trail hunting on the map

Trees on trail

Feet stomping on spongy, hollow earth is one of the best sounds!

Man standing on rock

These rocks looked a fair bit higher in real life! After an undigified scramble up the left hand side, a man came over and told us we should try climbing up the right — the white spots were magnesium from other climbers.

Sign in Swedish

Scott thought this was a farting seagull warning but it actually said,

You are now at one of the places Stockholm City selected in the project Guide to Silence. The city sounds are all present, but relatively quiet places are still nice.

Man eating lunch on log
Log lunch

All the best adventures are fuelled by cheese… fact. We perched on a log and dark clouds loomed over us while we ate, holding the rain just long enough for us to finish the last bite of knäckebröd.

Forest path

Man walking in forest

Tree lined lake

Feeling lucky to have this space so close to home. Looking forward to a Summer of lake swimming and outdoors meals!

6 comments on “Forest Day

  1. Rachel

    It looks so beautiful. How is it that you’re there? Can you still get flights to Sweden right now?

    • Gemma Evans

      We moved here in February 🙂 Turned out to be good timing because virus chaos hit a couple of weeks after we arrived!

      • Rachel

        Ah that was very timely and what a great move. Do you like it? How are you settling in?

        • Gemma Evans

          Indeed, I’m so glad we decided to move when we did. Loving being here so far but also looking forward to exploring more once things have calmed down a bit (whenever that will be). Just happy to be here and be healthy for now.

  2. Ahhhh it is so peaceful looking!

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