Snow on roofs

Fresh Start

The fresh start we’ve been looking forward to has finally arrived and we’ve begun settling in to life in Sweden! I haven’t taken a great deal of photos yet but I’ve put together a mishmash from the last couple of weeks.

Wooden Dala Horse
Dalahäst / Dalahorse

This Dalahäst was hand carved and painted in Mora (Dalarna) many years ago. We bought this one from an antique shop — something I always said I’d like to buy when we eventually got here. We arrived with two suitcases and no practical items like cooking equipment or Winter shoes, but we had a Dalahäst!

Snow in window

Snow on roofs

Man looking at dog
Train tracks in the snow
Pink blossom
Cherry blossom

Snow to blossom in the space of a week. I think this time of year is known as vårvinter (Spring Winter). I’m glad Winter hasn’t completely disappeared yet because seeing some snow has been nice.

Pink blossom petals
Cherry blossom

Cobbled street

Dog looking out of window

Cream buns
Semla buns

So many versions of Semla to try and only one stomach. Two bakeries are in joint first place for the classic version at the moment, but obviously we need to keep going in the name of rigorous testing. These Amaretto Semla are next on my hitlist.

Women meditating
“Stop the persecution of Falun Gong in China!”
Yellow petals in the sun

Don’t be fooled by the sunshine on these daffodils. It looks warm but the ‘feels like’ temperature was down at -7°c. On previous trips, we’ve seen people standing or sitting in the sun with their eyes closed, sometimes having a conversation at the same time. Can’t beat the warmth of the sun on your face on a cold day.

Stockholm bridge
Climate sticker on lampost
Fossilfri Framtid / Fossil free future

I’m feeling totally washed out at the moment and I think the stress of the past year has finally caught up with me. Already feeling very at home though and hopefully it won’t be long before I feel recharged enough to find my mojo with photography and hobbies again. Until then, I’ll be powered by tasty treats and sunshine!

4 comments on “Fresh Start

  1. Wow you guys, fantastic. You know, I’ve had a Dalahors for years! My nan left it to me & it’s in her cabinet in basement. The photos are very interesting, it’s quite different & looking forward to visiting.
    Keep well. Love Van

    • Gemma Evans

      Thank you Vania ❤️️ How funny that you have a Dalahorse, I don’t remember seeing it in the basement. cabinet You’ll have to send a photo so I can see the patterns. Plenty of places we’d like to take you already. xxx

  2. Really like this! Actually, if you like this sort of thing, you’ll probably like the Gävle Goat. Catch it before they burn it down (again). We used to have small one but sadly he went mouldy in the cellar.. xx

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