Vegetables and herbs on bench

Our garden: August 2014 (4)

We’ve reached that point in the year where the garden is chugging away. Most of the hard work is temporarily done and we are picking beans… lots and lots of beans!

Runner beans on bench

We’re getting lots of chillies and herbs too. I’m drying the sage to use for stuffing.

Vegetables and herbs on bench

We’ve been tucking into our homegrown basil. I’ll definitely grow this again next year.

Bunch of homegrown basil

Look whose back! The sparrows! They’re mobbing the garden is groups; hiding in pots, pecking at the lettuce seedlings and generally being cheeky. And it’s not just sparrows, the swallows nesting in the apex of our roof have been busy making a Jackson Pollock on the patio below. I’ll spare you a photo. They also pooed on my back when I bent down to take my shoes off.

Sparrow on fence

Do you remember the Buddleja Sungold I bought at the beginning of the year? It turned out I’d been watering a dead stick for months (in my defence, it arrived with no leaves on) and when I realised it was never going to do anything I ordered a replacement. The first flowers appeared this week!

Butterfly on yellow buddleja
Buddleja Sungold

I’ve been making the most of the flowers before they disappear for a few months. We had people staying with us for a few days over the weekend so it was a good excuse to pick lots of flowers to put in the house! I’m loving yellow flowers with purple and blue this year.

Sweet peas and begonias

This was a mishmash of whatever was ready for picking that day. Which turned out to be cosmos, petunias and cornflowers.

Petunia and Cosmos

And another yellow bunch with dwarf gladioli, scabious, corn marigold (bright yellow flowers) and cornflowers.

Blue and yellow wild flowers

This is one of the bargainous £1.20 begonias I picked up from the ‘dead section’ in a garden centre. Half the time the plants only need a bit of deadheading and some water.

Pink Begonia

Lastly, we’ve finally caught up with everyone else and their blackberry picking. I was getting a bit very jealous seeing people picking plump blackberries while ours were still green and hard. We’ve eaten quite a few and I’m also freezing some so we can eat blackberry crumble all Winter.

Tub of blackberries

Hooray for early blackberries!

15 comments on “Our garden: August 2014 (4)

  1. I must get around to drying some herbs too. So envious that you still have so many flowers growing in your garden – sadly, ours are mostly over now x

    • Our area/garden seems to be a bit behind everyone else’s. In Spring, things took their time to get going but the plus side is we have flowers for a little longer 🙂

  2. Wow, your cut flowers look amazing! I had very little success with my flower seeds this year. Got mountains of nigellas and nothing else. Also having very little success with my veg, I have to say. Seem to have lost everything to the slugs. Clearly need more nightly patrols!

    • We got hardly any nigella this year and the few we did get only flowered for a couple of days before going to seed. We’ve had lots of slugs too :-/

  3. I love the colour of your buddleia – so unusual. Butterflies love to get drunk on them! As an AFC Wimbledon I particularly approve of the flowers in the team’s colours of yellow and blue!

    • Haha, glad you approve of the colours! I really liked the colour just because it’s unusual to see a yellow buddleja.

  4. I have blackberry envy – I’m picking a lot of ones which look a bit like slight shrivelled bullets locally – maybe I need to venture a bit further to look for them. How jolly lovely all your flowers indoors look, such pretty colours, convincing me I need to grow flowers next year and not just veggies.
    I was about to pull up my beans as they seemed to be over but this morning I spy new orange flowers on them so I’m holding fire in case there’s going to be a round 2!
    And it goes without saying that I didn’t giggle when I read about you getting poo-ed on. Not one little bit *crosses fingers*
    Thanks for joining in again! x

  5. Wow, how beautiful and organised is your harvest?! Such lovely bounty you have there to enjoy 🙂

  6. i love your garden so much Gemma. you have done such a wonderful job!!

  7. Lovely flowers there and brilliant herb production. I’m envious of the basil as it doesn’t seem to grow well here at all. Brilliant shot of the cheeky sparrow too – ours are just the same although there aren’t any lettuce in my garden for them to eat! You’ll have plenty of blackberry crumble this winter by the looks of it too!

  8. Lovely pictures and I know what you mean – this time of year the majority of the work in the garden is just keeping on top of harvesting! We’ve just de-stoned and frozen 2 huge boxes of greengages and victoria plums…

  9. All of your photos as nice to look at. Esp the flowers in vases! I got lost in them a bit just looking at their colors and how they mix well! Awww nature is so awesome =) #hdygg

  10. Lovely story about the Buddleia. I think we’ve all done that at some point in our gardening lives. Tell me, what do you plan to do with all those beans?

  11. How lovely to have cut flowers from your garden, they’re beautiful.
    Amazing what you can pick up from the ‘dead section’ some real bargains.

  12. Beautiful photos! I’m a tad envious of the blackberries though. We had them growing wild at our old house and they were such a treat!

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