Trimming homegrown garlic in garden

Garden: September 2014 (3)

The garden feels like it’s really starting to slow down this week. Although I’m really looking forward to Autumn I’ll miss having a busy Summer garden with lots to do. Having said that, less time in the garden means more time for craft projects so it’s not all bad.

The bees are loving the buddleja. This one spent quite a while collecting nectar and visiting every flower until it was satisfied – it even came back for seconds.

Bee on yellow Buddleja

At the beginning of Spring I made a DIY bug shelter. I sunk an old pot into a flowerbed against the wall, filled it full of twigs/wood and covered the top in soil to help it blend in. It looks like some bugs have arrived! I’m hoping the top will be covered in wild flowers next year.

Sticks in a pot for bugs

We’re still playing ‘hunt the bean’. This time it was Scott’s turn.

Picking runner beans

These plants are still producing a big handful of beans 2-3 times a week! It’s surprising how many meals you can sneak them in to 🙂

Hands holding runner beans

Crispy brown leaves are piling up on the flowerbed in the front garden.

Fallen brown leaves

Small orange flowers growing onto path

The dill is going to seed. It’s a scruffy plant but these lovely seed heads make up for it.

Dill in the sun

Most of our Summer annuals have died off now so empty terracotta pots are piling up by the bench. I need to buy some replacement plants or the garden is going to look really bare.

Terracotta pots under bench

Is anyone else infested with spiders at the moment? Our garden, shed and plants are covered in webs and judging by the size of them the spiders must be pretty big. Erk.

Closeup of spiders web on fence

Our garlic was finally dry and ready for trimming this week! That means we’re a step closer to eating it. HOORAY! We tried one out of ground and it’s been a test of willpower not to eat the rest before they were fully dry.

Trimming homegrown garlic in garden

I trimmed off the tops and roots but there was still soil on the bulbs so I peeled off a thin layer of bulb wrapper aswell. I tried removing the soil when I dug them up but I ended up making a total hack-job of it. Doing it after drying was much easier.

Dried garlic on a tea towel

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22 comments on “Garden: September 2014 (3)

  1. that first shot is a winner and your beans are the longest i have seen!! and fall is coming…. i’m envious. x

  2. Yes, much easier to dry garlic off before tidying it up. And I know exactly what you mean about being bare-I need some colour. I spotted Aldi have 6 cyclamen for £3 so I’m popping up later to grab some 🙂

    • I wish we had an Aldi here, that sounds like a mega bargain! Cyclamen are lovely for the Winter.

  3. It still looks very beautiful. I’m finding myself busy in the garden this month, but it’s really about readying it so I can leave it over the winter then. I love that yellow buddleia – not seen a yellow one before and now I want one!

    • The yellow one is called Sungold. I thought only purple/pink ones existed until came across it. I’m hoping to get some of my to-dos done this weekend 🙂

  4. Lovely garden. It’s great that you can enjoy its harvest into fall. And that garlic looks amazing. I am jealous of that. I can’t wait to see how you transform your garden for fall.

  5. I was in a newsagents this morning and one of the tabloids has the title, in big bold capitals, over the whole front page ‘GIANT SPIDERS TO INVADE UK HOME’S THIS AUTUMN’. So run! Save yourself!

    I thought there were a lot more cobwebs about than usual – and I’m not a great duster-weilder so for me to notice it must be bad. There’s lot of crunchy leaves here too. I didn’t think I was ready for Autumn but I’m embracing cardigans and stew 🙂

    Lovely shots as ever Gemma, your garlic will taste awesome!
    Thanks for joining in again 🙂

    • I saw that too! The headline makes it sound like they are going to eat people, haha! Little spiders are fine, it’s the big ones with fat bodies I don’t like. I’m willing on Autumn with homemade soup, crumbles and knitting a jumper. I’m ready! 🙂

  6. I love the top picture. Well done on the beans, they look great. The signs of autumn are really starting to show x #HDYGG

  7. My mouth is watering at the sight of that garlic.Looks like you are reaping the benefits of some hard work. It looks beautiful. Our dill flowers is one of my fav architectural plants in the garden this year. They are so cool.

  8. That’s a great bee picture! We have loads of spiders too – and I’m already fed up of walking through their webs. One insists on webbing over my greenhouse door which is a bit annoying. Another has been more ambitious and spans his web from the greenhouse to the pear tree a good 10ft away – he caught me with that one too. Eurghh!

    • Thanks! Eugh, cobwebs in the face is one of the worst things! I’m always convinced I’ve got something crawling around in my hair when that happens.

  9. One of the happiest moment of my gardening life is when I saw some bees arriving for my 2 sunflowers! Imagine I only have 2 pots of them and I have bees! I am so in love with them going back everyday. I will miss them tho as my sunflower is nearing its heyday. But I am so looking forward to planting flowers next time for more beesitor =) hdygg

  10. You know, I think I’ve never seen a yellow Buddleia before. We have purple ones, and our neighbours have a white one that I’m hoping will self-seed into our garden at some point, but yellow looks so pretty! Have to look out for one.

    Looking at your garlic harvest makes me think that next year I might plant some too. I used to sell fresh garlic (and olives) at a market stall in Munich, a loooong time ago, when I was a student there, and we sometimes got to take some of the produce home. It was so delicious, just sliced and then fried with some chicken or even on its own. 🙂

  11. It’s all still looking beautiful Gemma 🙂 I love your yellow Buddleja – really pretty. I like the idea of more time for craft projects too x

  12. So much still happening in your garden. I have some geraniums in pots blooming but the rest have gone into my compost bin. I can’t decide what to put them in.

  13. such beautiful photos! i love the little views into everything that’s going on in your garden as you transition into fall.

  14. Great crop of beans! We’ve been benefitting from my in-laws bumper crop of beans this year. I too had no idea that Buddleia came in shades of yellow! How lovely! 🙂

  15. I am very jealous of your garlic – I think I must have grown the world’s smallest bulbs! As for beans, my runners are slowing down but my late French beans are going great guns. Tomorrow I shall be freezing more of them!

  16. Whoo beautiful pictures, the first one is stunning 🙂

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