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Tasty restaurants in Stockholm

Although we went on holiday to Sweden in February, I’m still editing the photos! Unsurprisingly there are lots of photos of food – which got me thinking about all the nice things we ate. Scott and I are both foodies so we always research good places to eat before we go away. Walking around and looking though windows like a pair of sad puppies is no fun when you’re hungry. So, in case you ever visit Stockholm, here is a list of our favourite restaurants and cafes.

Restaurang Tradition

Tradition serves traditional Swedish food and feels like a friendly neighbourhood restaurant. They bought Swedish crackers, bread, butter and water to our table for us to munch on while we looked at the menu.

Arctic char with vegetables
Arctic Char

We ate:

  • Arctic Char with cabbage, cauliflower puree and boiled potatoes
  • Swedish meatballs with cream sauce, lingonberries and potato puree (couldn’t go to Sweden and not try proper meatballs now could we!?).
  • Apple crumble with ice cream
  • Rosehip soup with cardamon ice-cream and a buttery biscuit
Swedish meatballs in sauce
Swedish meatballs

If you want to go somewhere cosy and eat comforting food, I’d definitely recommend this place – and their meatballs!

Hotel Skeppsholmen Restaurant


We stayed at Hotel Skeppsholmen. I loved this place! It was a beautiful hotel with a top notch restaurant. When we arrived in Stockholm we were very tired so we decided to have lunch at the hotel rather than head out in to the city.

Swedish potato dumplings
Swedish potato dumplings

We ate:

  • Crackers and bread with salty butter
  • Swedish potato dumplings stuffed with mushrooms, served with picked carrots, toasted hazelnuts, cress and cheese foam
  • Swedish sausage with onion bits and crispy kale


Breakfast was every bit as good as lunch. I could have happily spent all day in the restaurant nibbling my way through everything! They filled two big wooden tables with everything you could possibly want and more. Freshly baked bread, sourdough, Swedish crackers, fresh fruit salad, butter, crème fraîche, jam, pastries, fruit juice, yogurt, granola, fruit compote, cinnamon toast, sausages, bacon, boiled eggs, cheeses (yes!), herring, smoked salmon and their famous scrambled eggs. The scrambled eggs were divine.

Scrambled egg on sourdough bread
Scrambled eggs
Small bowl of fruit salad
Fruit salad


Fika is a break from the day to have coffee with something sweet. Neither of us drink coffee so we had a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and this moreish little doughnut. Nestled in the centre is a little pocket of vanilla custard. Just thinking about it makes my tastebuds quiver 🙂

Doughnut with vanilla cream
Vanilla doughnut

If you visit the city and find yourself near Skeppsholmen island, it’s worth stopping by for something to eat, even if it’s just fika.

Fem Små Hus

Eating at Fem Små Hus was our fancy pants meal of the the trip. It serves traditional Swedish food and is located in the historic Old Town (Gamla Stan) area of Stockholm. The restaurant occupies five houses with nine dimly lit vaulted cellar rooms. It was bitterly cold outside and this cosy restaurant was just what we needed.

We ate:

  • Roasted celeriac in a tomato sauce with root vegetables
  • Reindeer steak with a sticky lingonberry sauce and root vegetable mash
  • Blood orange sorbet
  • Chocolate brownie with berries

Cafe Schweizer Konditori

One lunchtime we walked to a few cafes on our map but they were either closed or not what we fancied. Cafe Schweizer was a chance find; we only noticed it because it had fresh oranges stacked up in the window. Seeing a counter stuffed with sandwiches, cakes and a tray of Semla sealed the deal. We were through the door quicker than you can say ‘hungry face’.

Swedish salads
Sandwiches and salads

I ordered a hot chocolate [expecting a small cup] and it arrived in a big bowl! Bowls of hot chocolate are the way to go folks. The bowl warms your hands up and the big area of steam thaws your face.

We ate:

  • Feta and spinach quiche with melon, bread and salad
  • Lentil soup with fresh bread
  • Semla buns

There are some good photos of this cafe here (Foursquare).

Orangeriet Bar & Cafe

The Orangeriet was another lucky find. We’d walked miles around the city in the freezing cold and got to the point where neither of us could warm up. And then out of nowhere, the welcoming glow of the Orangeriet bar appeared! Queue angels singing! We only had a drink here but I’m including it because it was a really nice bar. We sat around this fire, melting into big comfy chairs until we’d completely warmed up.

Glowing candles by a fire

Rosendals Trädgård Cafe and Bakery

If you’ve read my post about Rosendals, you’ll already be familiar with this little gem. Rosendals Trädgård is an open garden project located in the Royal Djurgården park. Their rustic and charming cafe is set up in a greenhouse; each wooden table topped with grape hyacinths in terracotta pots. When you step inside you are greeted by a table full of homemade cakes and biscuits.

Table of food
Cake table

We ordered some hot food and nabbed a table in a cosy spot next to the woodburner. It was amazingly warm inside considering there was a thick layer of snow on the ground outside. Bliss!

Roast beef with vegetables
Roast beef

We ate:

  • Roast beef with orange butter, green beans, roasted garlic, endive (roasted) and sourdough bread
  • Carrot soup with cabbage and sourdough bread

And that sums up our foodie adventure in Sweden. This was a really special holiday for us so it was nice to eat so much great food in the name of celebration. Any excuse! I don’t know about you but I’m feeling a bit peckish after looking at that lot.

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    I wonder what the screen will taste like if I lick it….

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