Heron by water

Grand Meetup 2019 mashup

This is a follow up to my purple photos taken at the Grand Meetup in Orlando and it’s just as jazzy.

I took two rolls of unusual film on this trip and while I love the results of both, I wish I’d swapped one for a black and white roll so they complemented eachother in a single set. These were taken with Dubblefilm Solar, which has random light leaks built in. It’s a film I’ve used before and shared in a Life Lately post — although this newer roll seems much bluer in comparison, especially in the shadows.

Aligator warning sign

Palm leaves

People in a pool

Man on infatable doughnut

Woman on sun lounger

Man on phone

Storm cloud

I was trying to capture the light on the left hand building as well as the apocalyptic cloud but ended up cutting off more cloud than I thought. Still, you can just about see all the rain pouring down.

Man smiling

People walking on bridge
The burning hot walk to Disney Springs

Couple on sun loungers

Heron by water

I think the bird above may be an egret? Watch out for the aligators little bird! Other than a few lizards, this was the only real nature I saw. And I say real nature because the whole place was perfectly landscaped and neatly trimmed. The polar opposite to home, where the grass grows tall and the lanes are wild.

Buzz Lightyear
Meeting Buzz Lightyear
Mr. Potato Head
Mr. Potato Head
Lego Nessie
Giant Lego Nessie
Fake volcano and water
Disney Springs
Homeward bound
Mr. Potato Head statue
Mr. Potato Head

And lastly, me with Mr. Potato Head! Because no-one is ever too old to get in on the potato action.

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