Closeup of paper bow

Handmade Christmas wrap

With the end of November drawing closer, it’s finally acceptable to start mentioning Christmas. I’ve been bearing away on printed Christmas cards and wrap. The design is based on festive stamps printed onto brown paper with white and copper acyrlic. I’ve been hooked on brown paper since I made snowflake wrapping a few years ago.

Handmade stamps

The stamps weren’t very sophisticated. Each one was carved from a piece of lino (hessian backed) and glued onto card. The card is actually a cheese and onion sausage roll packet! A backing makes the stamps easier to hold and apply even pressure to. You could even use potato if you don’t have a lino sheet. If you do, cut the potato and let it dry out a bit before carving.

I’ve used a water based block printing paint in the past but acrylic sits smooth and flat on the paper in a thin layer. It just feels a bit nicer than rough paint.

White and copper paint

Paint was brushed on and although it looks streaky, it didn’t print that way.

Painted tree stamp

I made three styles of wrapping paper. Printing the shapes fairly close together takes longer but it means you’ll have more pattern on smaller presents — they can look a bit sparse otherwise. I printed metres and metres of paper while watching Quantum Leap and eating chocolate. It was a good day.

Sheets of wrapping paper

Closeup of Christmas wrap

Rolls of Christmas wrap

Here is the final paper!

Wrapped Christmas present

I love the sparkle from the copper paint. Scott pointed out I’m going through a “glittery phase” as I’ve developed a liking for metallic or shiny ojects, which is very unlike me. I would argue it’s Scandinavian style though 😉

Closeup of paper bow

Spotted wrapping paper

I made a few cards too. They don’t match the wrapping paper exactly but they look nice all the same. Seeing them all lined up made me not want to give them away but I really don’t need a whole pile of cards for myself. I always find it hard to part with things I’ve put a lot of time and efford in to.

Tree print on card

I’ll probably cry inside when I see people ripping it open in a frenzy! I hope this post inspires some of you to make your own wrap and cards too.

2 comments on “Handmade Christmas wrap

  1. Tina Evans

    They look very festive definitely a Nordic feel to them (couldn’t spell Scandinavian, well don’t believe it! laptop has accepted my spelling now, which means yours is wrong, I think :(. ) we must be catching Nan in Spain’s glittery personality coz i seem to like a bit of sparkle lately, Juniper wanted glittery things in her hair today and now you with glittery paint. well done the presents look fab as always. xxx

    • Gemma Evans

      Haha, it’s definitely catching then! Nan in Spain will be very proud of us all. Now we just need some gold shoes 😉

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