Light on lake

Bohusleden trail in Gothenburg

The hike from Bergsjön, towards Aspen lake was glorious. Fourteen miles through atmospheric forest with lake views and rugged trails. We started following unnamed trails to begin with and later joined part of the Bohusleden trail. As with all our hikes in Gothenburg, it was largely desserted at this time of year.

Dirt trail
Start of the trail at Bergsjön
Paint marker on tree
Trail marker
Dirt mound
Waist height ant nest!!

The trails were absolutely sodden. I’m so glad I had hiking boots rather than hiking shoes because water would have seeped over the top in a few places.

Hiking boots on boggy ground

Me in the forest

Me looking like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards. Bit of a scruff but a happy one at that 🙂

Light on lake
Surketjärn lake

Sun shining down on Surketjärn lake signalled the perfect place to stop for lunch. We’ve learnt to make the most of a good spot rather than waiting for the next one because they don’t always come along. Lunch was a salad bowl from ICA and our hiking staple, chocolate chip cookies. We didn’t sit for too long in the end because the sun disappeared and our rear ends started freezing to the rock we were sat on.

Bowl of salad
Lunch at Surketjärn lake

Trees on a mossy hill

Twisty tree lined road

Helicopters started circling low overhead as we walked along this road. We joked about snipers gliding down on ropes and then hoped it didn’t actually happen.

Man walking on wooden boards
Bohusleden trail

These boards were incredibly slippery — think of the slipperiest substance on Earth with oil poured on top. They lined parts of the Bohusleden trail where the ground below was too boggy to walk on. Deviating from the boards would have meant ankle deep water in places. I only just made the jump below!

Wooden board in water
Underwater path

Wooden boards over stream

Moss and trees

Man walking in the distance
Boards over boggy ground

Man jumping over water

Several other paths had collapsed or been washed away. Scott looked like Action Man jumping over this one! The gap doesn’t look that big in the photo but it was and he had to yank me off the rock in the middle.

Tree lined road

I loved all the route plotting around boggy patches and Scooby Doo moments on the boards. My feet were tired but I was sad the hike had to come to an end. Such a great day!

Travel notes

  • Göteborg Kungsportsplatsen to Bergsjön (tram 7)
  • Jonsered Station or Apen station are the closest transport stops to Aspen lake
  • Tram tickets bought through the Västtrafik app (90 minute ticket)

2 comments on “Bohusleden trail in Gothenburg

  1. Looks fantastic! Thank goodness for the boardwalks…. Just need some chicken wire on there so they are less slippery. 😄

    • Gemma Evans

      Chicken wire would have been very handy, especially on the angled boards!

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