Thistles on fell

Hiking Latrigg

When we arrived in the Lake District our walking boots didn’t have time to gather any dust. After a long hike the previous day, we were back on feet again heading up Latrigg. That morning we worked out our route on an OS map and made a quick pit-stop at a supermarket called Booths to stock up on goodies to get us through the day.

OS map of Keswick

The start of the trail was sheltered by tall trees, making it feel cool and damp. We were surrounded by lush green ferns and water tricking through rocks. I really felt like I was back in Norway. After a steep start we edged out of the trees and into the hot sun.

Stoney trail with ferns

Fern lit by sunshine

Once we’d cleared the trees, the trail evened out and became less steep. We were rewarded for our earlier climb with these amazing views! Heather covered mountains and blue skies in every direction.

Mountains covered in heather

Mountain views

Our B&B lent us a book about local walks – it said that the trail to the top of Latrigg isn’t very exciting to walk. I agree with this in that the path is quite smooth and even. But the plus side is that you don’t have to concentrate too hard on where you’re putting your feet and can enjoy the views instead. And you definitely don’t want to miss out on those…

View over lake and town
Summit of Latrigg

We sat under this tree in the shade for a while, looking out over the mountains and nibbling on chocolate.

View over mountains
Summit of Latrigg
Me on the Latrigg summit
Me at the summit

^ I bought a hat from an outdoors shop that morning. It was in the sale and reduced to £6. Bargain! After seeing these photos, I think I look a bit Phil Harding-esque!

Latrigg is only 368 metres tall so we knew it wouldn’t take us long to get to the summit. Instead of heading back down the way we came, we decided to walk down the fell towards Derwentfolds and through Brundleholme Woods.

Pink flowers on mountain

As we walked down Latrigg, the ferns and rocks disappeared and we were surrounded by meadows and wild flowers.

Fading thistles

When the ferns reappeared we knew we were getting close to Brundleholme Woods. Our plan was to find somewhere in the woods to eat lunch. Because we were hungry, the path felt like it went on forever!

Fern path

Eventually our perseverance paid off because we found this spot. We camped out by the logs behind me and scoffed bread, cheese, fruit and the rest of our chocolate – and got jumped on by lots of spiders.

Green woodland
Brundleholme Woods
Woodland path
Brundleholme Woods
Woodland path
Brundleholme Woods

We followed the path through the woods all the way back into Keswick. It was a long walk but the change in scenery from mountain/rocks, to meadow, to woodland broke the walk up and gave us a bit of everything. This was an easier walk than Catbells the previous day but every bit as enjoyable.

I always joke we should have been in Lord of the Rings because once we start walking, we generally keep going for hours…

3 comments on “Hiking Latrigg

  1. Oh what a stunning tranquil spot, the Lakes are gorgeous aren’t they 🙂

    • They are 🙂 The area around Keswick is beautiful and you don’t have to walk far to feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

  2. Oh my what views! Spiders aside – fantastic!

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