The vintage postcard project

Sea print postcard

I bought my first old postcard from an antique shop in Sweden, based on the illustration. My curiosity grew and I translated the handwritten message, researched the stamp date and searched for information about the illustrator. Then it did it again. And again.

Before long, it occured to me that some of the postcards in my hand may be the last copies in circulation. So I decided to document them and the little stories from people’s lives (anything not linked is work in progress)…


Text Description Artist Design no. Date
St. Catherine Sr., Montreal Tram in street Rice Photo 112646 SV
Glædlig Jul People waving at ship with Danish flag Unknown 1915
Tartaines au repos Boats tied to the shore Mar 114 ~1930
Hameau La Chapelle Village ~1992
Winterpracht Tree lined road with snow E. Meerkämper
Der Elfer-und Zwölferkopf im Kleinen Walsertal Figure, mountains and trees Gofferjé (Frieda?) / ENK (Erhard Nuebert, Karx-Marx-Stadt) 169/54 1955
Sonntagmorgen im Murgtal River through mountains C. Fiedler 2027
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar Couple ice skating M.P. 227 1938
Gelukkig Kerstfeest Trees in snow GOC 1952
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar Deer, snow and church 214
Gelukkig Kerstfeest Trees in the snow GOC 1952
Vrölijk Kerstfeest Cottage in the snow 208 1936
Vrölijk Kerstfeest Chaffinches and snow Willy Schermele ~1943
Winterpracht Trees and lane in snow E. Meerkämper
Il Lago di Sorapis (m. 1928) Mountains and lake G. Ghedina 9/91 1935
People on bridge 6467
Boats on water 6467
Nikkō Old temple
Hokusai Various 301, 302, 303, 304, 305
Eidford – Vøringfoss – Haugastøl 10x Nordic landscapes Enerett Serie Nr. 21 -/td>
Norge. Fra Geilo. Cabins in the snow Enerell M. Hanstad 9206 1948
Mountains Normanns Kunstforlag Serie Nr. 21
Havet i storm Waves at sea C. A. Träff (Carl Alfred) 87 1948
Flowers, cabin and mountains 527 1901
Gott Nytt År Figures with four leaf clovers and a horseshoe Ramstedt Devadatta (Ra)
God Jul Pigs and elves Hedvig Rosendahl 184 1910
En God Jul Lady with candles Elsa Hammar (EH) 1912
Hjärtlig Gratulation Lilac and boat on water Steén 1939
Vägen till ūdden Kristianstad Tree lined road 2016 1908
God Jul Boy feeding pig Ingeborg Klein ~1930
God Jul Red houses in snow 7700 ~1934
God Jul Red house in snow Perre 9648 ~1940
God Jul Tomte with goat Ernst Pelles ~1932
God Jul Tomte dancing E.S.T ~1932
God Jul Spruce and candles Jenny Nyström 6527 ~1932
Gott Nytt År tillönskas av | Nyårshälsning Robin in forest with snow Ramstedt Devadatta 1927
God Jul, Gott Nytt År Woman skiing (red house) Evans 1936
Gott Nytt År Girl skiing Margit Ekstam 6991
God Jul, Gott Nytt År Red houses in snow KS ~1945
God Jul och Gott Nytt År Gnomes with Amaryllis E.S.T ~1929
God Jul, Gott Nytt År Red house and julkarve E.S.T ~1934
Stockholm — Jakobs Kyrka Church in snow K. Holmström 1935
House in mountains 527 1901
None Snow forest Einar Torsslow ~1932
Derwent Water Lake behind trees Judges Ltd. 16427
Greatstone and District Beaches Shoesmith & Etheridge 10700, 28671, 10694, 10364, 10010, 10294 ~1952
Trossachs Various landscapes Photo Brown A2251, 215682, A3529, 37857, 0270, 215684 1939
Tonkin : Baie d’Along Cliffs and water Victor Fiévet 40
Assorted locations
Niessen Nature scenes Walter Niessen 557, 589, 511, 5929, 5221, 5214, 576, 5129, 5218, 536 1930 – 1940