Boy overlooking mountains

Niessen postcards

I recently found a great set of old postcards at our local carboot. This person overlooking mountains caught my eye and a rummage through the box uncovered nine more, all signed “Niessen”. I couldn’t leave a matching set behind!

Boy overlooking mountains
Auf der Alm / On the Alm
Tree in the snow
Träumente natur / Nature’s teal

Information about Walter Niessen has been almost impossible to find but may of his other postcards also capture nature and landscapes. Auction listings suggest these were produced between 1930 and 1940. Without a post mark or stamp, it’s hard to say for sure when these would have been in circulation.

House in the mountains
Bergwelt (Austria)
Wooden chalet
An der berglehne / On the mountain side
Mountain path
Ewige berge / Eternal mountains
Snow and lake
Dem frühling entgegen / Towards Spring
Hazy mountain view
Bergfrieden (Switzerland)
Rural road and houses
Frühlingsahnen / Spring tree
Rural road and houses
Frühlingsahnen / Spring tree

This next postcard reminds me of Nordmarka (here and here) — somewhere I love to be in the snow.

Snow covered tree
Christbaum lim / Christmas tree

Being unable to find any more information about the photographer is a real shame. I’m normally quite a good detective but I don’t really know where else to look for more information — searching has lead me to plenty more of his postcards I’d like to buy though.

Part of my old postcards project (archive list).

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