Cheese board - flavoured goats cheese

Homemade goats cheese

Our lovely friend Kat bought us a goats cheese making kit for Christmas. She loves eating cheese as much as we do so it was only right we all made it together!

Goats cheese making kit All we needed was 4 pints of full fat goats milk. The kit contained organic sea salt, citric acid, a dairy thermometer, instructions and butter muslin.

Full fat goats milk The first thing we did was heat the milk.

Heating goats milk Once the milk had been heated to the correct temperate we added citric acid. White curds began to form and we could see the whey (yellow liquid).

Goats cheese curds in pan We drained the mixture through butter muslin.

Goats cheese poured into muslin As the whey trickled through we started to see more cheese curds.

Wet goats cheese curds And the pile of white goo below is our goats cheese!

Drained goats cheese curds The instructions said to put a heavy weight on top of the cheese to press the whey out and make the cheese firmer. We waited a whole hour and only peeked once (maybe twice if I’m honest).

Putting pressure on goats cheese curds
Hard cheese (left)

Then we did the fun bit. Adding flavour, beautifying our goats cheese and taste testing.

Goats cheese rounds topped with chilli pieces We used cookie cutters as cheese moulds for the larger rounds.

Cookie cutter cheese mould Our cheeses were covered with delicious toppings like herbs, sea salt and garlic… lots of garlic.

Homemade goats cheese topped with garlic and herbs I used my homemade chilli flakes to make some chilli goats cheese.

Homemade goats cheese topped with chilli

This cheese is really really good. It doesn’t have the stale goaty twang that supermarket goats cheese often has, it’s creamier and not as dry. We made firm goats cheese but there was also a recipe in the kit for soft cheese (equally as delicious!).

Cheese board - flavoured goats cheese

Out of the two flavours we made the chilli cheese was my favourite. Both were delicious but the creamy cheese really soaks up the chilli flavour and cools the spice. If you love cheese and cooking you should try making homemade goats cheese. Your tastebuds will thank you for it.

I think this could become a bit of a hobby, I want to make the halloumi next, nom!

7 comments on “Homemade goats cheese

  1. The goats cheese looks absolutely delicious , I think you should take up food making for a living. 🙂

    • Haha, I would love to but I fear half of what I made would end up in my belly 😉

  2. Oh these look YUMMY!

  3. Hi Gemma.

    This is a wonderful post! The finished cheeses look outstanding, and the photos throughout are brilliant.

    Thank you for your kind words 🙂

    Em x

  4. I’ve asked my family for this kit for my birthday next week, we love hot goats cheese in France or cold on granary toast so the kit would be well used. I did a dairy course with Ruth Goodman at Wealden Down museum really worth doing might be worth an article to your readers ?

    • Thanks for the tip Faith, I’ll have a look at that course. I’d love to make more of my own. Hot goats cheese sounds delicious!

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