Scruffy Blue tit on a garden fence

Hoppy Easter

I spent about an hour on Good Friday morning hanging out the bedroom window with my camera looking like the village pervert. Despite what it looked like, I was in fact taking photos of the birds. Here’s what I snapped:

A scruffy Blue tit sitting on the fence.

Scruffy Blue tit on a garden fence

The garden was full of house sparrows flying to and from the feeder.

Male house sparrow sitting on guttering

Some were industrious and others sat enjoying the sunshine on the roof.

Female house sparrow on roof

Some drank from the new bird bath.

Male house sparrow on bird bath

And others just chirped and chirped and CHIRPED. This fluffy little fella had two modes: daydreamer and asbo. If he proves to have good time-keeping skills I might replace my alarm clock with him.


This scruffy starling landed on the roof, sat amongst the house sparrows and at one stage tried to get under the roof where they are nesting! It didn’t go down well. The sparrows teamed up and pestered it away.

Scruffy starling sitting on guttering

Instead of using its wings to escape, it decided to run all the way up the roof! It was quite funny to watch, this photo makes me smile every time I look at it.

Starling running up a roof

These birds have beautiful feathers – the black has tinges of purple, green and gold.

Starling feeding on fatcake

Starlings sitting on a roof in the sun

I finally got a proper photo of one of the robins in the garden. They’re extremely crafty and masters at avoiding my lens even if I think I’m out of sight.

Robin sitting on a fence

And last of all, I snapped some birds in flight. Technically they are terrible photos but there’s something I quite like about them.

Birds in flight

We’re really pleased to see all these birds visiting now. A few months ago we had nothing. In the front garden we’ve seen quite a few blue tits, chaffinches and robins as well as sparrows feeding from the flowerbed.

On a side note: I have to confess that the bird I’ve been affectionally referring to as Marty is in fact female, not male as I first thought. Oops.

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  1. i love your pictures and snap shots there so beautiful ones especially the ones that are flying in the air.

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