Colourful, stripy wool hat for Innocent's Big Knit

Innocent’s Big Knit 2013

It’s almost the end of the Summer which means it’s time to focus on wooly hats for Innocent’s Big Knit 2013. Whooppeee! I’ve been a bit time poor lately so I set myself a goal of 20 hats. But I forgot how addictive they are so I ended up making 50. I’m really pleased because I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to squeeze in so many. Here they are!

Knitted wooly hats for Innocent's Big Knit 2013

I worked all of my hats in the basic pattern and made them more interesting by doing fair isle colour work, stripes and combining two wools together. I did most of my knitting in the evenings in front of the TV – we stormed through about 3 series of Wire in the Blood whilst I made them. Tense TV programmes are good motivators for speedy knitting 🙂

Purple and yellow fair Isle hat for Innocent's Big Knit 2013

Last year I got carried away making fair isle hats, so this year I made sure I limited myself to just a few.

Multicoloured fair isle hats for Innocent's Big Knit

Hats with the vertical stripes made me think of Big Tops from the circus.

Navy blue and white stripy Big Knit 2013 hat

To make these multicoloured hats I knitted two types of wool together as if they were one strand: white 4 ply wool and variegated sock yarn.

Innocent smoothie hats for Big Knit 2013 Knitting Big Knit hat

I really liked this effect because it was a bit unpredictable. It was also a good way of using up my all leftover wool from sock making. I made myself a pair of socks from leftover odds and ends once but they were pretty hideous. Lesson learnt. This is a much better way to use up wool. Next up, a bumblebee inspired hat!

Bee style stripy hat for Innocent's Big Knit

And my favourite hat of all because it looks a bit retro…

Colourful, stripy wool hat for Innocent's Big Knit

Next year I really should think about creating some of my own patterns and be more adventurous with those I do make.

Make your own Innocent smoothie hats

If you fancy knitting some hats of your own, there’s still time! Check out the Big Knit page on the Innocent website. If you don’t know how to make a pom pom, you can find a good video tutorial here. The deadline for the 2013 Big Knit is Tuesday 1st October.

Innocent Big Knit 2013 banner

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  1. How cute and colourful! I am a shocking knitter but would love to learn some day. You have the skillz my dear!

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