Let me introduce you…

Let me introduce you to my little friends from the North Pole…

Crochet reindeer and elves in the North Pole

I made these crochet reindeer and elves as part of a Christmas campaign for the company I work at and the idea was based upon the robot drop I did for toggle at the beginning of 2012. The reindeer and elves were dropped at a location in Farnham and whoever found one, won a prize. A bit more fun than a company Christmas card and a great way to get the community involved in a bit of festive fun.


Crochet reindeer and scarf will bells


Crochet elf wearing a hat with bells on


Crochet reindeer with scarf


Crochet elf with scarf


Crochet reindeer with button nose

It was hard to leave all these faces behind but at least they had scarves to keep them warm. Hopefully now they are all tucked up in new homes.

Christmas reindeer yarnbombing

Want to make your own?

The pattern for these crochet elves and crochet reindeer is my own.

5 comments on “Let me introduce you…

  1. Oh I love it! How brilliant to find a little crocheted reindeer unexpectedly…

  2. I LOVE THEM!!! these are so cute!

  3. Simon Leadbetter

    What a great idea, beautifully executed. I want one!

  4. Love these – they are SO sweet!
    I used to do a weekly thing on the blog where I’d make something and leave it somewhere random with a link to my blog attached on a piece of card and see if people got in touch- and often they did! That was such a fun thing to do – you are making me want to start doing that again now! x

    Loving your crochet skillz – wish I could crochet, alas I am a wool noob.

    A Happy New Year to you!

  5. That’s a lovely idea Annie! I think with a hook you could create great things 🙂

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