Twisted tree branches

Jægersborg Dyrehave

Most of our time in Copenhagen was spent in the city so we found somewhere a little greener for our last day. After a week of wild walks in Gothenburg, the deer park was nice but it didn’t give either of us a fire in our bellies. Barely seeing another soul ticked the escapist box though and being close to the deer was a pretty amazing.

We woke up feeling exhausted to the point of wondering whether it was worth doing anything more strenuous than sipping hot chocolate in cafes. But it was our last day and our only chance to seek out greener space, so we made the most of it. After stocking up on sugary supplies from a supermarket called Irma (foodie heaven), we boarded a train towards Klampenborg at Copenhagen Central Station. Our train looked like something out of the Jetsons!

Blue train seats
Train to Klampenborg

It was a cold, grey day and the trees were bare. Looking back, this is probably the reason we were the only ones there. Great weather for moody photos though!

Marker on tree stump

Cut tree stumps

Man with pile of tree stumps

Boggy ground

Twisted tree branches

These chocolate marizpan eggs are to die for!! It’s a good job the park was desserted because I made quite a few groaning noises while chomping through the packet.

Marzipan egg
Anthon Berg marzipan egg

Brown horse

I loved this horse. He or she had such a lovely temprament and happily soaked up all the attention we had to offer. I wanted to bring it home and Scott said I could… if I could find a way to fold it into my suitcase. Since that was already full of gifts for people back home, the horse had to stay.

Illustrated road sign
Beware of me!

White building with red door

Black door on yellow building

We found a bench overlooking Lyngby-Taarbaek Vandrerhjem (Raadvad), just around the corner from this house, and unpacked our lunch of rye bread and cheese. There were lots of beautiful old buildings in this area.

Deer feeding

Seeing the deer up close was the best part of the day. I only had a fixed lens with me so I couldn’t zoom in any further but luckily they came closer. Quite a few were butting heads; we kept our distance and let them approach us on their own terms.

Deer on grass

Deer crossing path

It was nice to breathe in a few lungfuls of fresh air and enjoy some solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The deer park would be a great place to sit in the Summer with lunch, something cold to drink and good book. Maybe one day.

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