Blue lake and sky


We’ve spent the last few weekends out and about in the city centre (photos coming soon), so it was time for a day in the wild. Spending a Sunday lazing around was tempting but we were spurred out of the house by the fact the sun won’t be around for much longer. Plus it’s prime lingonberry season!

Leaves turning yellow

I wore a thicker jacket because the last couple of weeks have been pretty chilly, but that soon became a sweaty regret. It turned out to be a warm day with clear blue skies. I didn’t take many photos and I don’t have a story to tell this time, I just wanted to share some sunshine.

Pair of acorns
Ekollon / Acorn
Sun shining through leaves
Eklöv / oak leaves

Källtorpssjön lake was the absolute dream. Quiet and calm with lots of secluded spots along the shore. We’ll go back there for a swim next Summer.

Blue lake and sky

We usually try to eat lunch overlooking a lake. This one was pretty early on in the day but we stopped anyway because it was such a good spot. We scrambled down some rocks, sat right at the waters edge and soaked up some sun. The sound of us chomping through crisps ruined the peace.

Things were looking much darker in the forest…

Orange leaves

Heather in dark forest
Ljung / heather

I had no idea heather petals look like silk before they bloom. It’s only something I noticed by chance because the forest was dark and a tiny patch of sun happened to shine on just the right spot.

Closeup on pink flowers
Ljung / heather
Mushroom in dark forest
Svamp / mushroom

The chanterelle hunt was unlucky again. One area smelt very mushroomy but overturned moss confirmed someone else had beaten us to it. Swede’s keep their chanterelle spots a closely guarded secret so we’ll need to rely on chance or someone spilling the beans.

Fuzzy yellow caterpillar
Hairy caterpillar
Shrivelled blueberry
Vild blåbär / wild blueberries

Most of the blueberry bushes were empty but we found a few juicy ones to snack on. Lingonberries were hard to find as we weren’t in quite the right spot… and I ate the ones we did find.

Blue lake and sky
View over Källtorpssjön

This photo doesn’t do the height of the rock face justice but it was a steep hike. Worth it for this view though! We last stood in this spot when the sun came back in January — it looked very different back then.

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