Red Flax Pullover

Knitted Flax pullover

One of my favourite things about Autumn is digging out my wool and needles to work on new projects! This time I wanted to make a jumper. I’ve made a couple of owl jumpers and am confident with that pattern so I decided it was time to try something new. We go for lots of country walks and I tend not to wear the jumpers I’ve knitted in case I snag them on brambles and trees. I wanted this jumper to be something I wouldn’t be afraid to wear. No cables or button details, just something simple.

Red flax pullover

I found a pattern for the Flax Pullover by Tin Can Knits on Ravelry. It’s a raglan jumper worked from the neck to the cuff and the sleeves are knitted onto the garment using stitches placed on hold.

I struggled to choose wool for this project. I set myself a small budget and was looking for something machine washable. In the end I chose Rowan Pure Wool Worsted in Rich Red (shade 124). The wool is nice and I love the colour but I wish I’d chosen something that didn’t look so flat. Tin Can Knits use gorgeous, slightly variegated wool in their photos.

Red Flax pullover with arm details

I made a slight whoopsy with the garter stitch sleeve panel. I was tired when I started working on this and misread the pattern. Instead of alternating between garter and stockinette stitch I worked the whole lot in garter stitch! By the time I realised what I’d done I’d knitted quite a few rows. I didn’t mind the look of it so instead of frogging it, I carried on. There’s slightly more curl at the edges of the sleeve panel but you don’t really notice once it’s on.

Red Flax pullover with neckline detail
Garter stitch sleeve panel
Red Flax pullover with raglan detail
Raglan seam

Red Flax pullover

Despite my sleeve panel error and not being bowled over with the look of the wool knitted up, I really love this jumper! It’s warm, fits well and is extremely comfortable. Most importantly, I’m not afraid to wear it outdoors and get dirty! I went on holiday to Norway last week and I wore this jumper hiking up 4 mountains. Its been rained on, had crumbs all over it and sat scrunched up inside a rucksack.

Flax Pullover on a Norwegian mountain
Flax Pullover on Mount Ulriken, Norway

I’m going to make another version; this time, a fancier one with the correct sleeve panel and nicer wool. The pattern calls for worsted weight – can anyone suggest something nice I can buy in the UK?

The Flax pattern is really well written and has illustrations showing each major knitting stage. It’s a good pattern for beginners or people like me who want something simple occasionally.

Project notes

P.S. It’s nice to look back at this jumper coming together! I might start using my Instagram account for more of this sort of thing.

Flax Pullover progress on instagram

6 comments on “Knitted Flax pullover

  1. Oh I absolutely love the finished result! Very tempted to try one for myself too…

    • Give it a go, it’s a great pattern. Very relaxing to knit too which is a bonus.

  2. It looks great Gemma – as do you! Are you back now? x

    • Thank you Annie! I am! Got back a couple of days ago, although these photos were taken before we left.

  3. Hello,
    I’ve stumbled across your blog whilst looking to see if anyone had successfully made the Flax jumper without the garter panel. The pattern does say you can use DK or worsted. Thanks so much for your review of the pattern!

    • If I use this pattern again I’m going to knit it without the garter panel – I think as long as you knit the same number of stitches it should be fine. Good luck with your jumper, this is one of my favourites 🙂

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