Lambs cuddled up at Mill Farm

Lambing Day, Mill Farm

On Saturday we headed over to Mill Farm for Lambing Day like proper country folk.

Mill Farm shop, Isington blog_blossom Seeing the lamb was the bit I was most excited about. These little guys were only about 4 days old and the three of them sat quietly with their Mum.

Black and white lambs in hay These lambs were born at the end of March. Slightly bigger but still every bit as fluffy.

Two lambs sleeping at Mill Farm Cute lamb face A very handsome chook walked around the yard.

Black and orange rooster We picked up a few goodies from the shop. If you ever visit, the chocolate brownies are amazing – handmade by a local lady. Sometimes they have walnuts inside, other times they contain chunks of chocolate. They’re a bit moreish and we struggle to make the pack last more than a day.

Mill Farm shop interior They have a nice seated area outside so we stopped for some snacks before walking the Mill Farm Trail.

Mill Farm shop tables Freshly made hot chocolate and a scone.

Sweet treats at Mill Farm We saw lots of cows on the trail. They were quite protective of their calves and shuffled them away from the fence when they saw us. However, the females in the next field along were nosey and followed us along the path, some breaking into a run to reach the bottom of the field! We hoped there was a gate at the end and we weren’t about to experience death by cow. Brown cow in a field at Mill Farm They had lots of pigs but this one was my favourite because his ears were so big they covered his eyes.

Spotty pig at Mill Farm I jumped onto a gate to pose for a new website photo but didn’t realise how high the gate actually was until I had to get down again!

Clowning around on a gate

If you live in the Alton/Farnham/Guildford area, Mill Farm shop is worth a visit. They sell vegetables, fantastic organic meat, cheeses, pantry goods and lots of other nice things. Be warned though – if you go there feeling peckish you’ll want to buy everything 🙂

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5 comments on “Lambing Day, Mill Farm

  1. It looks like you had a lovely day it looks amazing, Mill Farm is definitely my favourite farm shop.

  2. Hi Gemma -thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment 🙂
    That looks like a perfect Easter weekend outing; your photos are lovely and those lambs are too cute.
    Farm shops are great for delicious goodies, aren’t they? x

  3. Ahhhhh love this – beautiful photos – and I love seeing YOU too!

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