Man hanging paper star

Life in November, 2021

November began with a Covid test. Scott started feeling ill after a work trip so he ordered a home test. Thankfully it was negative, which confirmed he was just a regular germ bag. I came down with the bug a few days later and we ended up feeling ill for two weeks.

Covid-19 test instructions
Covid-19 test
Orange blank on wool pelt
All the wool
Man cooking
Making dinner

We finally sorted out ceiling lights! There were none at all when we moved into this place earlier in the year; taking the whole light fitting when moving out, is standard in Sweden. We got through the tail end of last Winter but as the days grew darks this time around, we started to struggle with just two lamps for the whole apartment.

Ring of candles

We bought a ceiling candle holder for the living room, hung electrical lights in the other rooms and added smaller lights (Philips Hue Light Bars) to the nooks and crannies.

Laser mark on wall
Attaching the ceiling light cable holder

And talking of lights, we fitted some to the camera cabinet too. I’m over the moon! It’s also nice to have somewhere to display the photo books.

Lit camera cabinet

Tea and cups in cupboard
The tea cupboard after some organisation
Hyacinth in yellow pot
Bo Fajans / Tellus

Black and white prints

Spending time ill at home nudged us to finally (another finally) order the prints for our gallery corner; empty frames had been sat on the walls for a few weeks. It’s nice to look at our photos more often and seeing them hung on the wall makes me feel like a photographer!

Woman laying print in frame
Size test
Four burning candles
Svensk rosemaling ljushållare / Swedish candle holder

This old wooden Swedish candle holder came from a pop-up återbruk — a waste collection and recycling scheme that gives donated items away for free. It’s hand painted and takes miniature candles.

Man hanging paper star
Paper star in window
Tin of biscuits
IKEA pepparkakor

I’ll leave you with this tin of pepparkakor. I needed to buy a cake tin but I also fancied pepparkakor, so this was a win-win situation. Especially at 20 SEK (£1.65) for the whole lot.

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