Hands over burning candles

Life in November, 2022

It has been several months since I’ve written a life post. They’ve always been centered around home/personal life and when the pandemic eased, we were more focused on getting out and doing things again. That was great but I missed documenting the small details of everyday life. So here are a few snippets of life from November…

Sketches of coral
Coral sketches
Hyacinths being potted

Winter setting in meant it was time to fill our small pots with hyacinths. Amaryllis and hyacinth are the most popular Christmas bulbs here, and I love both! The Swedes wedge moss around the bulb — in individual pots as well as larger pots with candles in.

Man working on a jigsaw
Jigsaw time

I can’t remember the last time I did a jigsaw puzzle but I fancied doing one recently — especially after discovering the Dangerous Journey Moomin design! I originally planned to do a little here and there but got totally sucked in. Scott didn’t consider himself a jigsaw person but even he spent quite a while hovering around the table, trying to fill in the gaps. It was complete in just a few days.

View of snow through window

We had our flu vaccinations in November. Scott felt unwell the next day and we assumed it was a reaction to the flu jab… until he started coughing. His Covid test was positive, and then so was mine.

Positive Covid-19 test
Covid positive 🙁

Man laying on sofa

Covid was brutal. Scott’s temperature climbed high and neither of us had the energy to do anything. Lots of coughing, nose blowing (with nosebleeds), dizziness and dry airways.

Tea and medicine on coffee table

Closeup of beard hair
Beard progress

Laying on the sofa and watching TV was all we had the energy for – lots of Peep Show and Cracker. The dishes piled up for a few days and Scott let his beard grow.

Stack of dirty dishes

Man shaving beard

He eventually found some energy to go “back to the bone” on his beard. I think we joked about it being the most interesting thing to have happened in days.

Woman watching man shave
Goodbye beard
Honey on toast
Saffron honey on toast
Man watching snow out of a window
Mer snö

Snow continued to fall while we were holed up indoors. After 11 days, Scott finally tested negative. 13 days for me. Neither of us felt well at that point but at least we could go outside without infecting anyone. Best of all, we saw the aurora on the first night we managed a walk!!

Hands over burning candles

Most of November revolved around life on the sofa and watching snow fall outside. Little time or energy for our hobbies but hopefully we can remedy that during December.

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