Dust in the air

Life lately, June 2020

Life lately has been trying to sleep in the heat, the sound of cutlery on plates from outdoor meals on other balconies, gifts of rhubarb, geraniums and tomato plants, socially distanced chats with neighbours, Swedish strawberries and watching people let their guards down with social distancing despite the virus situation being far from improved.

Baby lemon halves
Citron / Lemon

The lemon tree dropped all three fruits — they looked and smelt like perfect miniatures for someone one hundreth of my size. A second round of flowers have bloomed so I’m hoping it’ll be a case of second time lucky.

Dust in the air
Dusting day
Arrow pointing to 25c
Sommar / Summer

We’ve been taking advantage of the warmer weather and eating plenty of lunches and dinners on the balcony. It looks so green now the plants are filling out and plenty of bees are visiting.

Open door
Fresh air
Silhouette in window
White lilac flowers
White lilac

This lilac smelt amazing. It grows in so many places around Stockholm but unfortunately, the flowers don’t last for long. Lilac is something I’d love to have in the garden one day. I’m already making a mental list of everything I’d like to buy for the Swedish garden we don’t have yet.

Talking of the outdoors… we had our second tick vaccinations. This time it was my turn to go a bit funny afterwards. The injection made a weird gurgling noise and I was fine until I got outside and told Scott about it. Then I couldn’t stop laughing, went a bit spaced out and had to sit on the kerb. I blame the eggwhites!

Hair on seat
Cheese plant leaf
Cheese plant
Looking down from the bed
Failed at napping
Purple leaves
Oxalis triangularis

We spent most of Sunday hiding in our apartment due to the heat. The blinds were down to keep the place cool but I spotted these flowers making a break for it.

Man sorting photos
Photo sorting
Golden light on floor
Afternoon light

I’m amazed there is anything left to photograph after spending most of the last three months indoors. As someone who rarely took any photos of home life before the pandemic, maintaining momentum on these indoor posts has been a great project (and challenge) for me. I’m hoping I’ll come out the other side of this a better photographer.

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