Wooden horse on windowsill

Life Lately, November 2020

The past month has revolved around more darkness but also more light, extra layers of clothing, safety reflectors, spending more time indoors now the virus has ballooned, chocolate covered marzipan, Christmas presents from the UK, a small snow flurry and colourful Winter sunsets.

Birds flying in the sky
Fåglar / birds
Unlit candles on table
Ljus (strömavbrott) / candles (powercut)
Silhouette of a man's face
Silhuett / silhouette
Wooden horse on windowsill
Nytt Dalahäst / new dala horse

Our friends gave us this dalahäst as a thank you. A perfect buddy for the one we bought after arriving here. It has lots of character too — carve marks and the ears are worn back to wood. This horse will be well loved.

Chopped vegetables on a board
Purjolök och potatis / leek and potato

Sundays have been batch cooking days. Mostly soups for easy and healthy lunches. It also means we don’t need to visit the supermarket as much, which is a bonus at the moment. I was making leek and potato soup. It’s the first soup I learned to cook and the recipe came from one of my Grandpa’s cookery books — which he used for learning to cook after my Grandma died.

White flower
Ampellilja blomma / spider plant flower
Knitting in hand
Stickning / knitting

I finally picked up the knitting project I started last Christmas (Traigh by Kate Davies). Unfortunately, I spotted an early mistake and ended up ripping it back to the first few rows because I couldn’t unsee it. I felt rusty but managed to get my confidence back after a couple of days and finished the scarf in two weeks. Happy to be back at it after so long.

Man on laptop

Gingko leaf

Our gingko tree seems to hate life at the moment. All but two leaves have fallen off and I have no idea why.

Man cutting his hair
Covid haircut

I’ve been cutting Scott’s hair since the pandemic started. He does the area around his face and I do the rest. Clippers on the sides and scissors on top. We’ve become a good hair cutting team! I was nervous at first but he said we could shave it all off if everything went wrong. So other than his hair, he really had nothing to lose.

Hair clippers in hand
Covid haircut
Orange glow from candle
Ljus / candle
Foam beans in box
Bönor / packing beans

We sent our friends a parcel padded with drawn beans. They sent the same beans back with comedy extras!! Too good not to share.

Woman sat on bench
Snack break

Mist on a window

Plant silhouette through window

That’s all for November! It won’t be long until we can buy a Christmas tree, put up our julstjärna and build the pepparkakor house. I’m excited.

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  1. Love the beans recycle project with a twist.

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