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Life in May, 2021

May has been a mega month. Some good, some bad and a whole heap of things sandwiched inbetween. I’m pretty exhausted! In other news, the apartment is starting to take shape and I’ve been experimenting with how much coffee my caffeine intolerant body can handle (not much). Oh and I got my first sunburn of 2021… yes, really.

Moon against blue sky
Lighter evenings

Midsummer is less than four weeks away! I can’t believe it. The brightest point of year is almost is almost here and aside from lighter days, it doesn’t feel like Summer will have arrived by then.

Small plate on table
First meal at the new table

We didn’t bring a table to Sweden and the previous apartment was only temporary so we decided to make do without until we moved again. Having somewhere to eat is nice but space to work on craft projects is even better. We bought new chairs so this next photo is already out of date.

Dining table and chairs

Dog on a video call
Catching up on doggy gossip
Raindrops on window
Light at the end of a hallway
Unplanned night in a hotel
Textbook on table
Learning Swedish while waiting for check in

Half of the month was spent living in chaos because the apartment floors needed sanding and waxing. Part of which involved reversing all home making progress by cramming everything in one room ready for the big day. But of course, nothing like this is ever quick or simple.

The process took almost two weeks and the company didn’t tell us that once the wax had dried, it needed to be covered with a highly stinky top layer that would take twenty four hours to dry. We ended up having to find somewhere else to stay at short notice when they did the largest area. One night in a nearby hotel — which was the last thing we wanted to do in a pandemic! One relaxing evening at our friends’ Summer house.

Man looking at fire
Fire at the Summer house
Flower leaning on window
Pelargonium / Geranium
Bun in a paper bag
Kanelbulle / Cinnamon bun

On my laptop under a duvet

I was too tired to get warm one evening and discovered the joy of putting my laptop inside a duvet cocoon.

Box on table

This box has spent a year travelling back and forth between Sweden and family the UK. It may now be 50% tape but we’re determined to keep it going. I’m always happy to see it again, even though it’s just a box.

Vase of yellow flowers
Nejlikor / carnations in my Grandma’s vase

After weeks of waiting for available appointments at the migration office, we were finally able to complete the last steps for our Brexshit residency permits. Hooray!

The rain came and completely soaked us on the walk back to the city. By some stroke of luck, we passed a chocolate shop with no-one else inside so we called in to warm up. It’s somewhere we haven’t visited for months and while it didn’t bring the same level of pre-pandemic relaxation, it was still so nice.

Me drinking hot chocolate
First drink out in months… joy
Asparagus in colander
Sparris / asparagus

The first harvest of asparagus grown from the Summer house we stayed at ealier in the month. Or ‘valuable asparagus’ as it became known. Loved every bite. And then there was the giant rhubarb…

Rhubarb on train seat
Rabarber / Rhubarb

May has been a hard slog but on the bright side, our residency paperwork is complete and the floors are looking like new. Both big wins. Roll on June and more adventures in the wilderness!

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  1. I was surprised to see Hra looking at me from your phone 🥰do they charge for rhubarb to travel on a tram/train? 😂

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