Man making bubbles

Life lately on film, September 2019

I haven’t taken many photos lately but these are a few gems from my latest roll. Most of them are deliciously dark and moody.

People walking across hall
Turbine Hall, Tate Modern
Tall windows
Turbine Hall, Tate Modern

I love the turbine hall at the Tate Modern. We visited London for the day and packed so much in — test rode some VanMoof electric bikes, bought a dungarees, went to an AI exhibition at the Barbican, went to another electric bike shop, walked along Southbank, swung by the Tate Modern to get these photos and tried fish and chips made from tofu (actually really good).

Concrete building
The Barbican Centre
Man making bubbles
Bubble man on Southbank

Neon sign

Man playing games
Gaming face
Dog sat on sofa
Furry pal
Man looking at phone
At our favourite coffee shop

Small patch of light in forest

A few from a forest walk. No sun, just grey clouds and shaded trails. Spending time outdoors felt great after a several days cooped up in the house.

Fern across path

Man walking in dark forest

Raindrops on window

More rain means Autumn is coming. I’m looking forward to filling my face with comfort food, drinking hot chocolate with brandy and wearing all my favourite knitwear!

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  1. I like the deliciously dark affect ❤️Xx

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