Closeup of spoon bowl

Limmy III reinvented

Carving the Christmas tree into something new has become an annual tradition for me. This spoon was created with the stump of Limmy III — our tree from 2018. We didn’t have much free time between Christmas and New Year so I wrapped the stump in a damp towel and stashed it away in the shed.

Spoon standing up

Wooden spoon laying down

Closeup of spoon bowl

The curve between the bowl and handle was lovely to carve. As always, I became totally absorbed in the process and forgot to document anything along the way. But this is a good before and after photo… I can’t believe my hands did all this.

Carved spoon next to log

The stump ended up going further than I thought too; there was enough wood to carve a full sized spoon as well as some wooden beads. I loved making them but it was hard on my fingers. And addictive, which didn’t help the finger situation.

Round bead on stick

Bead on a stick

The beads were a labour of love. I whittled a few jumbo beads for myself and some smaller beads for making gifts.

Rough hand carved beads

Handful of smooth beads

Not too shabby for my first attempt! I like that the middle bead looks like an eyeball!

Circlular bead with rings

Christmas isn’t that far away now so I better sharpen my tools and start thinking about what I’m going to make this year. Perhaps a stubby spoon that’s actually symmetrical and a Swedish style butter knife. We shall see…

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  1. Ooh! I love the idea of carving something out of the Christmas tree’s stump. That is so awesome!

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