Man standing on forest path

Lindalen to Sandasjön

The hike from Lindalen to Sandasjön lake was hot. So hot. It was nice to get out on the trails and switch off for a while though. I don’t have many photos from the day but there are a few things I want to remember, including the route.

Spruce in the sun

Spraypaint on tree
Wall of Death

The Wall of Death was one of the first sights to greet us — we spotted it on the map and weren’t sure what to expect. It turned out to be a concerete wall protecting a forest cemetery belonging to Storkällan chapel. The burial grounds are named after plants and described as a place for everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs.

I couldn’t see over the wall but it’s nice that people on the other side have some privacy and having visited another forest cemetery here, I can image it’s a beautiful place (considering it’s a cemetery).

Graffiti on a wall
Wall of Death

Small green shoot

Wild blueberries were creeping across the forest floor. None of the larger plants had any tiny berries yet, so we still have a way to go.

Man standing on forest path
Wild blueberry bushes

Boots resting on a rock

Man having a picnic
Lake picnic

We ate lunch perched high on a rock with a view over Sandasjön lake. I really didn’t want to leave once we sat down! Especially as a cool breeze was blowing in off the water. Sitting in places like this always makes me feel very grateful to call Sweden home.

Lake with blue water
Sandasjön lake

Woman overlooking a lake

I still haven’t bought Summer hiking shoes but it’s getting too hot for boots, so I’ll be forced to soon. I think I’m putting it off because good shoes are important and I don’t want to make the wrong choice.

Lake in sunglasses

Water flowing from pipe

We stopped by a natural spring called Sandakällan. Groundwater flows through a pebble ridge in Stockholm and is filtered as it travels. The water is mineral rich and it’s also said to be healing — which explains why many people bring several empty containers to fill with water from the spring.

The water was ice cold. Cold enough to trigger brain freeze! We refilled our empty bottles ready for the last leg of the journey and then I did something a bit silly. I accidentally stepped into the boggy area of the spring and got sucked in…

Muddy hiking boots

Luckily, the mud didn’t flow over the top of my boot (it was close). I planned to bash the mud off once it had dried but it spread up my legs as I walked! There was a lake nearby so I unlaced my boots, removed my socks and had a wash in the lake. I felt like the kid who sharted on a day out and needed an emergency cleanup.

People sat on rocks

Lilac sprigs in a hat

The day finished with a walk to Bagarmossen T-bana — we planneed to walk further but the heat was too much. Plus if we had stuck to the original plan, I wouldn’t have been able to bring lilac home in my hat. Small wins.

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