Red wooden house

Lindøya island

Island hopping in Oslo Fjord is a great way to spend a day. We boarded a small ferry at Aker brygge (a stone’s throw from Oslo City Hall) and visited three of the larger islands — Hovedøya, Gressholmen and Lindøya. A decision fuelled by the fact that it was -8c and a greater number of trails on the larger islands mean’t we would spend more time moving around and keeping warm.

Red wooden house

Red wooden house

Yellow wooden house

Lindøya is peppered with wooden houses painted in red, yellow and green. It reminded me of a Lego island! There is a small shop which opens during the warmer months and we saw two people sat outside without coats, having a chat. They called out “hej hej” and gave us a small wave.

Red wooden porch

Colourful wooden houses

Man throwing giant snowball

Scott has been making snowballs all week and they’ve been getting larger and larger. I told him he wouldn’t be able to lift this one but here it is, in the air!

Yellow and red wooden houses

Wooden house in trees

This island is pretty much my perfect place to live. It’s a good job we didn’t stay for too long because I may have claimed a wooden house and moved in for good 🙂 And I only say “pretty much” the perfect place because there is nowhere to get a quick chocolate fix during the Winter. I’d have to get the ferry to the mainland!

Man on snow track

Boat in snow covered beach

Wooden bridge

Wooden houses on shore

I imagine it gets crowded during the Summer so I’m glad we visited out of season. Other than a few locals shovelling snow in their gardens, we had the place to ourselves. Saying that, I do like the idea of visiting Lindøya when the plants and flowers have come back to life. We always visit Scandinavia in the Winter but we really should plan a Summer visit at some point.

Wooden dock

Transport notes

  • Ferry line B1 from Aker brygge (near Oslo City Hall)
  • Tickets: Ruter app, paper ticket or Oslo pass
  • We bought a 24 hour ticket (more info here)
  • Ferries depart once an hour during the Winter
  • Take food and drink in the Winter because the shop is closed

2 comments on “Lindøya island

  1. Such lovely scenery and cute little houses 😍❄️Xx

    • Gemma Evans

      You would have enjoyed having a nose around the houses there 🙂

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