Purple skies over water

Lofoten sunsets

Sunsets in the Lofoten Islands were out of this world and we were lucky to experience colourful skies most evenings during our stay in Svolvær.

Orange glow on mountain top

Orange glow on snowy mountains

I love how fleeting these small patches of light were. Sometimes they were gone within twenty minutes so we only saw them if we were in the right place at the right time.

Pink glow on snow covered mountains

Our favourite spot was a small jut of land dotted with commercial buildings like car garages — which is where the next photos were taken. This may not sound like a very glamorous place to stand but it provided an uninterrupted view over the water. The bakery behind us made this the ultimate location because we could stand and watch the sky changing colour with the smell of cinnamon wafting through the air!

Man photographing the sunset

Purple sky over mountains

Pastel coloured sky

Sunset and snowy landscape

Sunset over water

Sunset behind mountain

Lilac and pink sky over mountain

Orange and purple sky

You don’t really have to search for beautiful views in Lofoten, they are everywhere…

8 comments on “Lofoten sunsets

  1. What beautiful photos 😍xxx

  2. Oh Gemma – I gasped! I have loved following your trip. These sunsets are just WOAHHHHH ⚡️

    • Gemma Evans

      It’s worth going to Lofoten just for the sunsets alone, they are spectacular! Thanks for your comments and messages while we were away. xx

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