Clearing amongst trees

Logging off

Sunday’s sunny weather was the perfect excuse for getting outdoors. After I finished work we threw some food in a rucksack, grabbed the camera and headed up to the forest.

Stream in the sunshine

Sun shining through the trees

The arboretum on the edge of the forest is one of my places to be, I love it there! We sat eating lunch on a wooden bench looking out at this view. It would have been more peaceful if we hadn’t been eating the noisiest lunch in the world — crisp breads and crisps.

Clearing amongst trees

Pinecone on bench

Forest path in grass

Man stepping on tree stumps

Scott looks like he’s beside himself with excitement in the photo below. But he was actually running away while I took photos so he could hide and jump out on me. Busted.

Dried ferns in forest clearing

Man walking in tall trees

Hand holding pinecone

Forest walks are never speedy because I keep stopping to look at things and take photos.

Looking up at trees

When the days get longer we’re going to come up here and eat dinner. Roll on Summer evenings 🙂

Did you spot the log pun. Log. Trees? Hah! Groan.

4 comments on “Logging off

  1. Looks lovely ?Xx

  2. What a beautiful forest, where is this?

    • Gemma Evans

      It’s Alice Holt in Hampshire. It has a nice mix of trails for walking and gravel paths for cycling. Love it there!

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