Mam Tor

Rising early is not one of my strengths but it’s a little easier with a scenic walk or hike as an incentive. On this occasion that incentive was the viewpoint at Mam Tor, a 517m hill overlooking the Edale Valley in the Peak District (UK). Yes, I got out of bed early to stand on a big hill, but wait until you see it!

The alarm went off at early o’clock. Bleary eyed, we wriggled out of our sleeping bags and piled into the car with our cameras. The timing couldn’t have been any better because we arrived just as the sun was starting to rise over the valley.

Blue and orange skies

Silhouettes against the sky

Silhouettes at sunrise

It may look serene but the wind was wild and cold. Really cold. The weather report said -2c but that didn’t take windchill into account. Thankfully I was wrapped in plenty of layers and managed to keep fairly toasty.

Low, orange sun

Pink sky over hills

Pink skies over hills

Icy stone path

Sunrise over hills

Sun shining on hills

Sun shining over grassy hills

Closeup of icy grass blades in the sun

Icy grass blades in the sun

Walkers on stone steps

And here we are… team early bird! Form left to right: me, @mudlarkandmagpie, @anniespratt and @notestothemoon. I’m pleased I had the chance to experience this with people who have the same sense of adventure as me. I don’t know many others who would get up at the crack of dawn to stand on a big hill in the freezing cold for fun.

Happy days.

P.S. Lots more lovely landscape photos from the Creative Countryside gathering coming soon. I just need to find some time to go through them.


    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks Jennifer. It was even better in real life, my photos don’t really do it justice. That’s a good reason to go back again though.

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