Colourful lights

Life Lately, April 2020 (3)

The daytime temperature has reached double digits over the past week. People are jazzing up balconies with plants and dusting off their BBQ’s — hotdogs definitely smell better when you can’t see them. Doors and windows are being left open and the sound of people chatting echoes around the courtyard and street below. The trees are still largely naked.

Dried daffodil
Påsklilja / daffodil
Blue feather
European Jay feather

I tried an amazing beer called Pecan Mudcake Stout (Omnipollo Aon) this week. So rich and silky. Practically a meal!

Beer on table
Omnipollo Aon, Pecan Mudcake Stout
Woman potting plants
Soil around my mouth even though I hadn’t been eating it

We’ve spent some time getting the balcony looking shipshape. Wiping everything down with Grönsåpa (pine based liquid soap), sweeping the floor and potting plants. I’ve discovered it’s impossible for me come into contact with soil, without looking like I’ve rolled around in it afterwards. The thought of buying a hammock crossed my mind but we don’t really have enough space — saving that idea for a bigger place with a garden.

Man cleaning door
Grönsåpa on all the things
Lavender in the sun
Lavendel / lavender

Self portrait in mirror

I’m continuing with my self portrait project. They are just quick snaps of my bare face in the bathroom mirror so far; nothing fancy until I feel more comfortable. I’ve been reading about the value of self portraits and stumbled upon a nice quote by Francesca Woodman:

It’s a matter of convenience. I am always available.

Quite fitting for times like this when life revolves around staying indoors.

Man talking on video
Calls with friends in the UK

Man on phone

Rainbow light
Regnbåge / rainbow

Those who are usually anti technology seem to be embracing it at the moment, which is nice to see. And I’m amazed at the number of people who have joined forces to 3D print protective equipment for healthcare workers, as well those who are Folding@home (ironically the people who are probably told to spend less time in front of screens under normal circumstances).

Pineapple on windowsill
Pineapple chillin’
Colourful lights
Balcony light

In the interest of living like Swedes, the balcony has lights! We bought a set from Ikea when we first arrived but kept forgetting to switch them on at night. I love seeing all the lit balconies and windows here.

Colourful lights

Hope everyone is staying safe and well!

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  1. > hotdogs definitely smell better when you can’t see them.

    A million times, yes!

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