Cycling, no feet on pedals

Who needs a car

Cycling, no feet on pedals

Apart from all the obvious things like good views, fresh air and exercise, bikes are also great for carrying shopping. The first time I tried, I’d called in at Waitrose on my way home and loaded my bags up with bike friendly items like cartons of almond milk. I did a mental fist pump for managing to get everything in neatly but when I moved my bike the penny dropped. I needed enough stamina to get my shopping home! It temporarily taught me a valuable lesson in not overestimating my own strength.

And I say temporarily because last time we went to the Farmers’ Market I filled both pannier bags full of goodies. My favourite plant stall was there so I stocked up even though I didn’t really have the space. Luckily I had string in my bag and managed to tie six plant pots to the rack. The only downside was my rear end felt like an anvil all the way home. Will I ever learn? Probably not.

Plants and pannier bags on bike

My trusty piece of string also helped me get some carboot bits home – a wicker basket, a craft kit, crochet blanket, pack of tennis balls, a book about cupcakes and a rubber duck.

Wicker basket strapped to bike

The moral of the story is you don’t need a car to do your shopping. As long as you don’t mind sweating.

Hooray for bikes!

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6 comments on “Who needs a car

  1. I love all your wonderful country lanes in the photos! *Plans a move to Surrey pronto*

  2. what a brilliant 1st photo! there’s nothing quite like swooshing along on a bike on a sunny day! x

    • I agree! Now I’ve managed to get my legs up that high without falling off, my next job is to learn to ride no handed 🙂

  3. Wind in your hair and flies in your mouth – living the dream baby!

    Love this Gemma x

    • Living the dream indeed. I’m good at getting flies stuck in my sunglasses and shouting “ARGH MY EYES!!!”

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