Man on bike

New York in Black and White

I’ve been digitising old film photos lately and found some great shots of New York that have never seen the light of day.

Almost twelve years have passed so I don’t remember a great deal about what I was feeling etc. But I do know I tried a pretzel, went to the Nintendo store to see the Gameboy damaged in the Gulf War, saw giant pool of cranberries outside the Rockefeller centre, stood on a wind machine wearing a cape, accidentally ordered the largest pizza in the world and walked for miles… and miles… and miles.

Hotdog stand
Hotdog stand
Decorative stone wall
Naumburg Bandshell

Music stands

Musicians playing trumpets

People crossing road
West Village
Row of houses
West Village
Tree lined road
West Village
Subway station
Subway station
People on benches
Hudson River
View over river
Pier 1
Halloween pumpkins
Pies in vending machine
$4 pies at Bamn! Automat

Bamn! Automat sold hot pies from vending machines. I’m pretty sure they sold hotdogs too but I was only really interested in the pies.

Pie shop
Bamn! Automat

Fountain in park

Tallk buildings
View from Central Park
Front of diner
The Brooklyn Diner

I was defeated by a huge stack of pancakes at the Brooklyn Diner. One day, I’ll go back for round 2!

Man on bike

Chess table

Looking up at buildings

I have a whole heap of colour photos to share once I’ve whittled them down to a few favourites 🙂

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