Tyre marks in snow

November snö i Stockholm

The first snow arrived in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago and WE HIT THE WINTER JACKPOT. An incredible amount fell in just a few days due to snow cannons. Jag var så glad!

Our walk into town on Saturday morning was bitterly cold — the wind literally took my breath away and tiny flakes floated through the air. We sat down in a pizzeria just as the sky unloaded, so we gobbled up our lunch and headed back outside to enjoy the snow. I doubt anyone has ever gobbled up a pizza faster (outside of a competitive eating challenge anyway).

Snow on the road

Snow covered road

Woman walking across snowy road

Tyre marks in snow

Cyclist in the snow

Man pushing pram through snow

This pram photo is one of my favorites from the day. Dad determined to keep the pram moving, the top kid totally elated by snow and the bottom kid fast asleep and missing it all! I had seconds to capture this moment and I’m glad I was quick enough.

Couple walking in the snow

Lady begging in the snow

Couple pulling child in sledge

Snow fell heavily for most of the afternoon and into the evening; ploughs were circling all night. We decided to sleep with the curtains open to watch the snow — there’s no risk of getting woken early up by the light at this time of year.

Snow covered street

A huge “boom” and an incredibly bright flash of light woke us up in the middle of the night. My dozy brain thought a bomb had gone off. Thankfully it was just thundersnow — something I didn’t know existed until that moment. It was incredible! Between the wind, booms, flashing lights and snow, it looked like the end of the world out there. The photo above was taken after the thunder had passed but there’s a news video here if you’re curious.

We woke up the next morning and went for a walk before work. I was gobsmacked by how much had fallen overnight. And of course, we didn’t even get home again before more started falling.

Snow covered road and trees

Man standing in the snow

Woman walking in the snow

Snow on tramlines

Car covered in snow

Many of the cars that hadn’t moved since the previous day, were snowed in from both sides. This was also the point at which ploughs start running out of room for the snow.

Men walking in the snow

People shoveling snow from road

Snow covered landscape

More snow photos coming soon in my monthly city post. And in the meantime, keep your fingers crossed we get a few more days like this before the end of the year.

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