Tray of free apples

October, you beauty!

You know Autumn has arrived when the apple trays appear outside people’s houses. Never go for a walk at this time of year without a bag or tub because you’re bound to come across something to take home; apples, blackberries, grapes, rosehips. Free food is the best kind!

Tray of apples

We helped ourselves to some of these cooking apples a couple of weekends ago. Cut off the bad bits and they are perfectly good apples. I had carefully balanced handfuls and our friend stuffed them in her handbag. Ours were cooked up with sugar, cinnamon and blackberries, dished into ramekins and put in the freezer for ‘lazy crumbles’.

Blemished cooking apples
Windfall cooking apples

Talking of apples brings me to blackberries. I was a bit late to the party this year but surprisingly there are still lots around. And because it’s late in the season, the ones that are left are all plump and juicy. This is the first time in five years I haven’t made any blackberry jam. I think I must be ill.

Blackberries on branch

Did you know you can make coffee from acorns? Some say it’s nice, others say it’s horribly bitter. I’ve never tried it so I can’t tell you either way but it’s interesting it can be done.

Holding acorn
Perfect acorn

Along one of the paths I like to walk is some bunting. I have no idea why it’s there as it doesn’t appear to mark anything.

Patterned bunting

Mushroom heads

These beautiful sugar maple leaves were scattered all over the grass. Most of the ones on the ground are brown and crusty but there were piles and piles of these brightly coloured leaves. I couldn’t resist collecting a few – although I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet. They’re currently pressing under the weight of our printer, hopefully the colour will be preserved.

Red, yellow and green leaf
Sugar Maple leaf

Leaves on path

I love this season! Some people are made for hot, Summery weather. I’m made for cool weather, blustery days and fruit crumble.

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5 comments on “October, you beauty!

  1. Oh oh oh I too am made for knitwear, comfort foods and cold weather. Summer is not my thing at all and I always welcome Autumn with open arms.
    I read just the post for your pressed leaves – hang on I’ll tweet it you in a mo.
    Coffee form acorns? Now that I need to read about next!
    Thank you for joining in Gemma – loving these Autumn vibes – free apple love 🙂

    • Hooray, another Autumn lover! Summer has gardening and flowers but Autumn has everything else. If you try the acorn coffee let me know if it makes your toes curl or not 😉

  2. Interesting I didn’t realise you can make coffee from accorns – I am pretty intrigued now!.

    Autumn is lovely season. We live very inner city right now but we are on the process of buying a house in the country. I just can’t wait to have the opportunity to forage 🙂

    • Ah how nice! Living in the country is lovely, it really helps you appreciate the simple things in life. For foraging, check out a book called Food For Free by Richard Mabey. Good luck with house hunting 🙂

  3. What treat being able to walk along a path lined with that brightly coloured bunting. I love the colours in your photographs. I had no idea you can make coffee from acorns! That is fantastic. I too am a firm fan of knit wear and the cooler weather. x

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