Olympus Trip 35 camera

Olympus Trip 35

Meet the latest addition to our collection of old cameras. The Olympus Trip 35. Scotts grandparents gave it to us and I think they said it originally belonged to the father of one of their close friends.

It’s a cracking little film camera. Weighty in the hand without being too heavy and well built with a satisfying shutter sound. The beauty of this camera is its simplicity. It doesn’t need batteries and the settings are minimal – enough to set the film speed and focal length. You basically point and shoot.

Front view of Olympus Trip 35

Top view of Olympus Trip 35

I shot a test film to get a feel for the camera and check it still worked. Thankfully it did! Here are a few of my favourite photos from the film roll.

Clocktower with dark clouds

Dark moody skies over city

Horse sitting in field

This photo from St. Mary’s churchyard in Guildford is a bit creepy. Look at the light streak over that grave!

Light leak over gravestone

Building tops

I’m looking forward to taking more photos with this. Digital photos may be instant, sharp and colourful but there’s something I really like these high contrast, nostalgic looking images. Long live film!

7 comments on “Olympus Trip 35

  1. Those shots are beautiful! How nice that your camera still works.

  2. Oh Gemma, I love these. Such a great anticipation what you will get with film. And these photos are just wonderful!

    • Thank you Emma! Luckily Boots still do one hour film processing so I don’t have to wait too long to see the results.


    Ok I’ll lay off the caps lock for now – but I do LOVE IT.

    I need a film camera in my life don’t I?

    Tell me I do…

    *heads to eBay*

  4. Funnily enough i am bidding for this model camera as fancied getting something a bit old skool. We seem to spend ages ageing our images on Instagram it made sense just to take photo’s in a more vintage way.

    Where do you get your film from / processed?

    Thanks Dave!

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