Metal rainbow in the snow

Norwegian adventure, part 2

This video marks the end of our time in Oslo. I’m sad to be leaving but also excited to begin the next part of our Norwegian adventure.

I am going to miss buying breakfast buns from the bakery on the corner and seeing tram spot cat. I’ve got used to hearing trams passing by in the morning and walking up four flights of stairs to leave our apartment. Although that hard work has been balanced out by cinnamon buns and big mugs of hot chocolate. We know a few more words and can get by at the checkout as long as the conversation doesn’t deviate from carrier bags or receipts.

Our sheet ice struggles came to an end when the temperature hit 4c this week — a 12c increase in just a few days. Water started flowing under the ice covering the paths and snow melt was running down the roads. It released a bit of a stink!

The next couple of days will involve cramming everything back into our cases — it was a miracle it all fitted in the first time. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

P.S. Did you spot the rainbow in the waterfall?

7 comments on “Norwegian adventure, part 2

  1. Lovely memories to keep 😍❄️Xxx

    • Gemma Evans

      They are, these videos are good for all the small details we might forget.

  2. Love seeing Norway, thanks! My advice for you is to buy shoes with spikes, or clip on spikes for any shoe. I have a pair I only wear in Scandi winters (live in Australia but am Swedish) which have a flip-option. Thge best thing ever. Saves you from the slooow walk. And the fall. Heading over in four weeks time, expect the snow to be all finished and the trees budding!

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks Sandra! We managed to find some clip on shoes grips in the end, so that will definitely help 🙂 I’ve been wearing my hiking boots a lot as they have better grip but we always seem to find the steep icy hills when I’m in my normal shoes! Hope you have a great trip — I’ve always visited Norway during the Winter but a Spring/Summer trip would be nice.

  3. It looks fabulous Gem! You both look super chilled and happy. Can wait for you to get back and share your adventure stories with us! Xx

    • *can’t obviously, (we do miss you lots.) stupid auto correct!

    • Gemma Evans

      Cheers Sophie! Looking forward to catching up when we’re back 😁 xx

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