Frosty country lane

Perfect weather day

Saturday was a perfect weather day. It was bright and sunny but absolutely freezing. The sort of cold where even your nipples are afraid to come out. The sun was just warm enough to take the chill off the air without melting the frost.

Frosty lane in the sunshine

Frosty leaves on sunny grass

The shade felt arctic. Some of the frost was so thick it looked like a fine dusting of snow.

Grass with thick frost

Green leaves covered in frost

It turns out frost doesn’t affect a nettles ability to sting your bottom and ankles while you’re crouching down to take photos!

Nettle leaves with frost

We decided to make the most of the weather and headed up to the forest for a long walk. We love walking there but don’t go as often as we’d like to because a round trip is 2-3 hours. So it’s generally somewhere we venture to at the weekend or on Summer evenings.

Frosty forest path in the sun

These ferns were bright green a few weeks ago. Now they’re all brown and covered in thick frost.

Brown fern covered in frost

And look at the tiny icicles growing on this fence post!

Gate covered in frost

I packed some lunch but we couldn’t find anywhere to sit and eat it so we drank a big flask of hot chocolate instead. Things like this always taste better enjoyed outdoors in the cold. You don’t truly appreciate hot chocolate in a central heated house.

Flask steaming in the sun

This flask is brilliant by the way – 2 hours after making our hot chocolate it was still scorching hot. I’ve not been paid to say that, I just really like it! It’s the only bit of outdoorsy kit we own, although thanks to edition 12 of Folklings. I’ve now got my eye on some enamel for our forest adventures.

Anyway, the sun started to disappear and after finishing up every last drop of hot chocolate we headed back home to our warm house before it got dark. I wish every day of Winter could be like this.

22 comments on “Perfect weather day

  1. Ooh yes, hot chocolate out in the cold on a walk is heavenly. I do love a long walk in the cold, as long as I can warm up again fairly quickly afterward 🙂

    • Warming up quickly afterwards is always nice. I think the hot chocolate helped us stay toastie that day!

  2. It certainly looks like a perfect weather day, and you are so right about hot choc tasting better outdoors in the chilly air!

  3. Once you have found a way to earn a living exploring and taking photographs outdoors I’d like to join your company! You’re right about hot chocolate as well – I packed two flasks on Saturday morning as my daughter was at a very frosty cross country meet.

    • Haha, I will let you know if I ever manage it. I expect half of hdygg would want to join in…

  4. i love days like that!! great shots and you totally made me spit out my coffee with the nipples coffee 🙂

  5. Were you wandering around naked?! How on earth did the stinging nettles get to your bottom? And as for the nipples… I had to read that sentence twice to make sure I had read it correctly, ha ha. Brilliant! Definitely not enough chat about frozen nipples in blogland normally! xxx

    • I think that’s the first time I’ve ever said nipples on my blog. As dodgy as it sounds I was on my knees,sticking my bum out to take a photo. The leggings I was wearing were thin so the nettles stung through them. My poor bottom 🙁 The things I do for a good photo!!

  6. Wonderful photos, I love how something as harsh as frost can look so gentle and almost fur-like. I am now craving hot chocolate!

  7. Gemma said nipples! *giggles*

    Mind you now the mornings are colder I am putting on my padded bras more…

    Lovely chilly photos – that’s so true about the hot chocolate and another enamel mug to add to my wish-list! I just bought one covered in fly fishing bits as coincidence would have it 😉

    How I have managed to miss frost this week is beyond me! Fingers crossed I see some over the weekend 🙂
    Thanks for sharing and joining in (cheese on toast!)

    *legs it*

    • Nipples nipples nipples!

      That sounds like a fantastic mug. I don’t own any enamelware yet but I’m sure that once I’ve bought my first piece, it’ll become a spiralling addiction. We normally get frost on days I can’t get out with my camera so I was out the house like a cannonball on Saturday morning. I’m sure we’re in for more, you won’t miss out 🙂

  8. That really is a perfect weather day. Gorgeous photos, I think frost looks so pretty. I’m currently looking out at snow falling, we seem to go from rain to snow at the moment, no blue sky frosty days for us recently! Nettles stinging your bottom… Ouch! #HDYGG

    • I am envious of your snow. There’s a big hill in the village and we said if it snows we’ll go sledging down it. I’m waiting for those little white flakes!

  9. Ahhh yes. This sounds like a perfect day to me too. Padded bras all the way.

  10. It does look so pretty – my favourites are those ferns and isn’t it great to have the crunch of frost underfoot rather than the squelch of mud!?

  11. Ha ha ha I just commented on another of your posts with Cheese on Toast and look at this one to see I commented Cheese on Toast here too.

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