Snowy trees

Ramen in the Snow

Our first hike of the year coincided with fresh snowfall. Thick cloud cast an eerie blue-grey light and the air was bitterly cold. I don’t mind going out in the cold though, it makes me feel alive and refreshed.

Snow covering lake

Snow covered ground and trees

Snow covered branches

The snow clung to every single branch and plant.

Snow covered branch

Snowy trees

Snow on tree branches

We packed a stove so we could have a warm lunch. Our favourite spicy instant ramen, with some veggies we chopped and bagged at home. The chopped veggies make it an 11/10 hiking lunch. It was a bit too cold for cooking with gas but we got around that by wrapping the canister in one of my gloves.

Noodles cooking in pan

It would have been nice to stay for longer but our hands started going numb quickly; we haven’t mastered the art of doing everything in gloves yet and had to remove them to eat.

We also had to rip our blanket off the snow when we left because it had frozen to the ground. Our body heat left two butt prints in the snow, even though we put seat pads on top of the blanket.

View of frozen lake through trees

View of frozen lake through trees

Man standing on snow covered rocks

We walked back down the rocks and onto lake ice below.

People skating on ice

Small cabin in the snow

Man walking on frozen lake

And then we walked on a second lake and stood somewhere we can normally only swim to, in warmer weather.

Two children on frozen lake

Large lake covered in snow

What a way to end January!

10 comments on “Ramen in the Snow

  1. Tina Evans

    Lovely photos, snow looks beautiful but very cold šŸ„¶ xx

  2. Great pictures Gemma, love a frosted tree!

  3. Marta Tomaszek

    Winter wonderland, thank you for sharing. I also feel refreshed and awaken after walks in the cold. I love how my rosy face after snowy walks.

    • Gemma Evans

      I like seeing rosy cheeks too, they’re a sign of time well spent outdoors šŸ™‚

  4. Such a good place to explore! Beautiful ā€“ and I recognise this from the instant film taped to the wall by my desk!

    • Gemma Evans

      It really is! Need to take a camera loaded with film up here soon šŸ™‚

  5. My lungs hurt from the cold just from looking at the photos. They are beautiful but brrrr!

    • Gemma Evans

      Haha, thanks Jeannie! We thawed out with some hot tea at home afterwards.

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