Bedside table painted with Autentico chalk paint

Review: Autentico chalk paint & wax

This post documents my first adventure with chalk paint. It will not be my last!

I was on the lookout for interior inspiration for our new house and came across this image of Joules bed linen. It was the bed side tables that really caught my eye.

Jules bedding and quirky bedside tables

I spent a while looking at vintage stools but finding two that would look good as bedside tables and matched was difficult. I eventually found the BEKVÄM beech step stool from Ikea which ticked all the boxes. It has a hand hole in the top perfect for stuffing cables down and at £11 each they were pretty bargainous. The instructions said not to paint the stool but it’s okay to break the rules sometimes…just don’t tell Ikea.

Autentico chalk paint

The paint I used was Autentico chalk paint in Crete. I managed to buy it locally from a lighting shop in Farnham (Surrey).

Autentico chalk paint - Crete blue
Autentico chalk paint – Crete


I thought the texture of this paint would be similar to emulsion but it’s actually much thicker. This makes it easy to apply because it doesn’t drip or run and the thicker paint gives excellent coverage. After one coat I could barely see the surface underneath. I applied two coats to our stools in order to achieve even colour. Lots of people use this paint to create a vintage or worn look but I really liked the bright, block colour that can be created with it. I used less than a quarter of a 1 litre tin to paint 3 stools, each with 2 coats plus touchups.

Autentico furniture wax – clear

Autentico chalk paint and furniture wax

I almost didn’t buy the wax but decided that the surfaces would get alot of wear and would therefore benefit from being waxed. I’m really glad I did because it changed the final result from good to great!

Tin of Autentico clear wax

The wax was easy to apply and I used a soft bristled, synthetic paint brush from Robert Dyas. I loaded a generous amount onto the brush and worked it onto the chalk paint in long even strokes.

Autentico wax applied over chalk paint
Waxing in progress

Once the wax had been applied I let it dry as per the instructions and buffed with a clean cloth. It really transformed the finish. If you want something a little less rustic (in both look and feel) then I’d highly recommend buying the wax.

Stools painted with blue Autentico chalk paint
Left: waxed. Right: unwaxed.

If you want to colour match something with the paint, wait until the surface has been waxed/sealed as this process makes the colours richer (see photo above). The stool on the left is waxed and the stool on the right is unwaxed. But as I said I was really happy with the finish of the wax as it made the furniture look ‘finished’. If you don’t want to wax the surface that’s fine, you can leave it to age naturally.

The finished bedside tables

Autentico chalk paint bedside tables
Et voilà

I’m now thinking about what I can chalk paint next!

Crea Decora Recicla

Crea Decora Recicla

Neus from Crea Decora Recicla kindly featured my painted stool on her blog. If you’re stuck for project ideas, check out her site!

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25 comments on “Review: Autentico chalk paint & wax

  1. Hi Gemma,
    I really love your blog about the painted Bekvam stool project!
    I am a stockist of Autentico paint in Devon and we are lucky enough to soon be having a new Ikea store on the outskirts of town.

    I am looking to inspire my customers to looking at the possibilities of customising Ikea furniture pieces with Autentico Chalk Paint and would love to feature your piece on my website with your permission.

    Really lovely job with the stool any way!!

    Kindest regards Lynne Saunders

  2. Great post – beautiful pictures, simple idea, carefully performed and everythomg it explained in a very nice way.
    I like it a lot!

  3. Hello Gemma,
    I love the Ikea step stool & own 3 or 4 in my house. they are so versatile.
    Transforming ikea pieces is so easy with Autentico vinatge & so much fun,your stool is very cute,& looks great!

  4. Looks good. Pleased they turned out so well. Great article. Thanks for the mention.

  5. What a lovely blog and a great article. I am one of the lucky people who’s become an authorised stockist of Autentico Chalk Paint in Somerset, Wellington and absolutely love the paint. Like you say, it’s so easy to apply and has lots of finishing options and a massive choice of lovely colours. I’ll keep following your posts. Thanks for sharing. Cato xxx

  6. Steve Smith

    Very nice but I would avoid Atentico paint. It claimed it stuck to almost any surface, however it simply peeled off again. I would use Annie Sloan for anything which has a shiny finish, otherwise it will need some sanding. You can make your own paint with plaster of Paris for a fraction of the cost too. Great fun and you can have any colour you want! 🙂

    • Hi Steve, I am afraid we will just have to agree to disagree. As a stockist of Autentico paint I get this comment all the time, but visa versa. ASCP comes off much more easily as Annie Sloan says you only need ‘one coat’… Autentico you put on 2 or 3, which is normal with any paint. You’d assume anything painted with a few coats will stick better. Annie Sloan also has a very shabby chic finish, which Autentico can achieve but naturally has a smooth finish. Autentico is becoming more and more popular due to their 144 colours and better finish but I appreciate your choice. Everyone is different. All the best.

  7. Hi there just thinking about revamping a pine wardrobe. It is very old! Would you need to sand down when using this paint or not?

    • Hi Debi, if it has quite a shiny finish I probably would. The paint will go on but sanding will give the brush strokes more of an an even, smooth texture. I painted a metal lampshade (semi matt surface) with chalk paint the paint adhered well and the end result looked great. Let me know how you get on.

  8. Hi Gemma, great job with the stools ! Did you know Autentico has brought out their new “outdoor” chalk paint that doesn’t need waxing.. Also their new and very exciting “superior Eggshell” that needs no waxing either.. So great for kitchens and bathrooms,,, maybe you’ll try these products in the future and let your followers know how you got on. I have been an Autentico dealer also in Devon for over two years now and was there at the start of their journey !! So glad that they have the knowledge and gusto to taken furniture painting to the next level Happy Painting..Sara

    • Hi, I’m about to paint a pine bed with authentico and concerned about the need to wax especially the headboard end which will suffer wear from heads resting against it ….would it be preferable to wax it , or varnish it , or use outdoor paint ? Thanks for any advice x

      • The wax gives the surface a little extra protection. I waxed my bedside tables because they get a lot of wear – cups of water, clutter etc. So far they still look great. If you wax the headboard it’s less likely to mark in the short term. If you want the colour to stay looking perfect you could apply a matte varnish instead. That way you still get the matte look of the chalk paint but with an extra bit of protection. If you do this, do a test somewhere inconspicuous first.

        Waxing also makes the colour more vibrant (which you can see in the photos) so it’s worth thinking about whether you would be happy with this subtle colour change. It’s not dramatic but if you are looking for a very specific colours, it’s something to think about.

        Hope that helps and best of luck with your bed and headboard 🙂

  9. Some very useful comments on the use of chalk paints,
    As the owner of a vintage shop in Exmouth a fair proportion of the stock is painted furniture,
    I will certainly be giving Autentico paints a try
    If its of any help when ever you paint furniture in any type of paint you should always sand the area to be painted prior to applying the product, this creates a key for the paint to adhere

  10. Hi there Gemma

    I love this stool! I work with the owner of All About Eve At Home, a Gift Shop and Autentico stockist in Reigate. I am currently promoting the uses of Autentico on our FB page and wondered if you would mind us using your photo of the stool, with your permission and a link back to you?
    BW, Jenni

  11. Hi, this looks fantastic. Im particularly interested as i am about to paint a wardrobe with autentico chalk paint and was wondering if you sanded the stools? many have said not to. Also, what type of brush did you apply with? Any tips for a novice would be much appreciated.

    • Thank you Debbie 🙂

      I didn’t sand the stools before painting them. If your wardrobe has a glossy varnish on it, it might be worth sanding it down roughly if you are worried about the paint sticking. However, chalk paint seems to stick quite well to most surfaces – I painted a metal lampshade with the same paint I used for the stools and it worked brilliantly. No flaking at all.

      The brush I used was really cheap emulsion brush (I used that for the wax too). The main advice I’d give for applying the paint is if you want to avoid obvious brush marks, don’t put it on too thickly. I wanted bold fat colour so I did a couple of thinner coats.

      Best of luck with your wardrobe, hope my comments have helped 🙂

  12. liz van loon

    Have bought a tin of the Autentico paint and can’t wait to start on my antique pine dresser unit.
    They are the shelves only if that makes sense.
    I am a bit nervous but your article gave me the confidence.
    I think I will use a primer as it is genuinly old with some knots.
    I have selected ‘gris’ a soft light grey.
    if successful I will do my pine spindle chair.
    kind regards,


  13. Great article and pictures! We love the paint and are stockists in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
    Here is a link

  14. Margaret Nash

    Hi , loved your picture of bedside lockers, looked really great. I was wondering about using on glass, if putting a transfer on glass what would the procudere be? Would i have to varnish it after putting transfer on? Thank you for your advice. Margaret

    • Hi Margaret. Using chalk paint on glass isn’t something I’ve tried before I’m afraid. I’d imagine varnish could be worth adding in case the paint chips away from the shiny surface. When you transfer, do you mean stencilling onto the surface? Let me know you got on with chalk paint and glass 🙂

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