Cave interior

Rydal Cave

I was going to start this post with an apology for yet another Lake District post. But I’m not actually sorry; I want to show you all what a beautiful place it is! We stayed in Keswick for a few days before moving on to a picturesque village called Grasmere. There wasn’t a great deal of dinner choice there so we decided to walk to Ambleside (1.5 hours away) one evening instead.

We discovered this route in a book called ‘15 Walks From Ambleside & Grasmere‘, leant to us by the owners of the B&B we stayed at in Keswick. Each walk has a hand drawn map and written instructions. The maps are rough but the instructions are very good – they got us to Ambleside!

View over Grasmere lake
Grasmere Lake

Along the side of the lake was a craggy path lined with thick ferns. The sun was setting and the light was low and warm.

Path linked with ferns

Ferns in the sunshine

View over Grasmere lake
Grasmere Lake

The path climbed to a gradual peak so we did a bit of posing with the mountains in the background.

Me standing on path

Mountain background

Standing on path

And then we stumbled upon Rydal cave. We’d spotted it on the OS map but assumed it would be a small hole in the rocks. What we actually came across was a deep cave filled with water. I found out it was man made over 200 years ago and was a roof slate quarry.

Inside Rydal cave
Rydal Cave
Rock reflection on water
Stepping stones into Rydal Cave
View out of cave
View out of Rydal cave

We hotfooted across the rocks into the dark depths!

Cave silhouette

How did these fish get in the cave? The water was full of them; the pool is stagnant and no water appears to flow in from anywhere else in the cave. Scott and I are stumped. Bit of a chicken and egg situation.

Tiny fish in blue water
Cave fish

Our tummies started to rumble so we carried on following the lake path to Ambleside. The book said the route was about an hour and a half but it took us two hours and ten minutes from the centre of Grasmere; we explored the caves and I was stopping to take photos every five minutes! After dinner at Zeffirellis we decided it was too dark to safely walk back so we hopped in a taxi back to our hotel and flopped into bed.

View over lake and trees

The next walk I’ll write about is my favourite from our trip and also the last. Come back soon to see what we got up to.

4 comments on “Rydal Cave

  1. The scenery is breathtaking, the fish look a bit eery in the cave I wonder how they did get in there? Definitely chicken and egg ?

  2. Best t-shirt EVER.
    And lovely scenery too.
    And I’m not just talking about Mr Gemma.
    As an aside I had the best coffee and walnut cake today.
    You are welcome.

  3. Thank you for this. I am visiting on Sunday, to sing in the cave…

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